How To Solve The Plinth Puzzle In Remnant 2

The Plinth puzzle solution is pretty straightforward in Remnant 2. You have to find five symbols to correctly align a dial.

The Plinth Puzzle is an arduous task in Remnant 2 that will involve you exploring the Imperial Garden areas in search of stones that will have the Plinth symbols on them.

This is a pretty straightforward puzzle and you will have to take some time in searching for these plinth signs and these will be changed for you as well.

Once you determine the right symbols you can interact with the dial on the Plinth to solve this puzzle. Keep in mind that it is well worth the reward as you will get the Crossbow in Remnant.

So if you are interested in solving this particular puzzle then we have got you covered on all the details related to the Plinth Puzzle in Remnant 2.

The Plinth puzzle solution in Remnant 2

There are a total of four Plinth symbols that you must find in the Imperial Gardens.

Find the first Plinth symbol

In order to complete the Plinth puzzle in Remnant 2 you need to find a large door in the Imperial Garden area. Unlock it and then immediately turn right towards the two giant steps. Climb onto them and then turn left and jump across the broken path towards the other end.


There you will face two ghoulish enemies which you can dispose of and then continue onwards until you see a giant tree.

From there turn left and go through the hole in the wall and you will come across an open space. There you will observe a stone with a symbol on it. Remember that marking along with the color as well.

Find the second Plinth symbol

After that, you can simply spawn at the checkpoint. This one will be next to four goat statues on the right side and shouldn’t be too hard to miss in Remnant 2.

So from here turn towards the passage on the right and continue down that path and finally, you will come across the root bridges. There you will find another stone with the second symbol so make sure to remember that symbol in Remnant 2.

Find the third Plinth symbol

After discovering the second symbol turn back the way you came and then proceed to climb the giant steps in Remnant 2. There you will face some enemies along the way so kill them and continue onwards.

This way you will find the third stone with the Plinth Symbol in Remnant 2. So memorize it and then go back the way you came to this place towards the steps.

Find the fourth Plinth symbol

Jump down the steps and then turn left and then go over the giant root-type passage. Keep following it until you reach the top and then simply follow the passage at the end turn right and go through the broken wall until you reach the four goat statue area again.

Behind this statue, you will find another set of giant stairs. So climb onto these and then proceed along the way. After that, you will need to climb over a step and then head straight until you see the stairs ahead. Take those and then go across the root-shaped bridge in Remnant 2.

This way you will finally come across the stone which will contain the fourth sign that you need to memorize to solve the Plinth puzzle in Remnant 2.

Complete the Plinth Puzzle

Now, the next step is pretty simple as it will involve you heading back through that root bridge towards the Plinth. So you need to interact with it by simply rotating its dials and selecting each of the four symbols on the circular areas.

This can be done easily by placing the first symbol on the outermost dial and the 4th one on the innermost starting dial.

This way the latch will be unlocked revealing a hidden underground room. You can use the stairs to go down and collect your reward which will happen to be the Crossbow weapon in Remnant 2.

So in a way, your objective will be marked as complete and you will have successfully completed the Plinth puzzle in Remnant 2.

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