How To Get The Leto Mark II Armor Set In Remnant 2

You have to get to Leto's Stash in Ward 13 for the Leta Mark II armor set in Remnant 2. But first, you need the Biome Portal Key.

The Leto Mark II Set is one of the best armor sets you can possibly hope to get your hands on in Remnant 2. It covers you from head to toe in solid steel, providing an incredibly high level of protection but at the obvious sacrifice of mobility.

You can find the Leto Mark II Set in the world of Labyrinth in Remnant 2 through a secret door hidden behind the portals. This path is decently complex with multiple portals to go through but don’t worry as we have provided a simplified solution you can follow along.

The Leto Mark II armor set location in Remnant 2

You have to get to Leto’s Stash in Ward 13 for the Leta Mark II armor set in Remnant 2. However, you need the Biome Portal Key to open the stash. You also need access to The Labyrinth.

Start by making your way to the Fractured Ingress checkpoint in The Labyrinth. You can re-roll the world in Adventure mode to teleport to the checkpoint directly.

From the checkpoint, take the first right from the stairs and reach the stone bridge. You are going to see a portal but do not enter it yet. Go behind it and take a look below to discover another, carefully hidden portal. You need to jump through this portal and then take the first portal on the left.

Head on to find the doorway on the right leading to a dead end. Climb the wall on the right and through the small hole up top, you will find another portal on the other side. Jump over the portal and through the secret path you will find the yellow locked door.   


The Biome Key will unlock this huge yellow door, teleporting you into an undiscovered part of Ward 13. The first item you will find is the Chicago Typewriter Long Gun and across from it in the blue shipping container, you will find Leto Mark II Set in a wooden crate in Remnant 2.

Leto Mark II Set stats and bonuses

Leto Mark II Set is an ultra-heavy armor set in Remnant 2 meaning that dodge rolling is a thing of the past and you will flop down to evade with a heavy 75% Stamina Cost penalty.

It is one of the best tanking armors in the game that trades off mobility and agility for high defense and damage resistance.

While weighing 90 in total, it offers 168 armor with 10 all damage type resistance which includes Fire, Shock, Bleed, Corrosive, and Blight. This is crucial because damage mitigation for heavy attacks is paramount for survival in the versatile end-game content that Remnant 2 has to offer.  

With the exceptional armor, it is ideal for tank builds increasing your endurance across all damage types. It is well suited to the Challenger Archetype where you can actually heavy roll by pairing it with Rusted Navigator’s Pendant in Remnant 2 instead of flopping to evade.

The Leto Mark II Set offers remarkable defensive qualities with great armor and multiple damage resistances contributing to its versatile nature in Remnant 2.

It is however on the slower side and despite what it offers, is not good for builds favoring agility. Deciding whether it will be a good fit comes down to if it fits your own build and playstyle in Remnant 2.  

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