How To Get Familiar Secret Mod In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, equipping the Familiar Secret Mod on your weapon allows you to deal effectively with all kinds of enemies and take them out.

In Remnant 2, equipping the Familiar Secret Mod on your weapon allows you to deal massive bouts of damage to all kinds of enemies, allowing you to take them out with relative ease. You can summon the Faerie Familiar by equipping this weapon mod. Crafting it, however, requires you to go on a scavenger hunt across different areas and worlds.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can craft the Familiar Secret Mod in Remnant 2, including all the different materials you need and who exactly you need to go to once you have everything you need. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Crafting the Familiar Secret mod in Remnant 2

To Craft the Familiar Secret mod in Remnant 2 you need to acquire three separate items. These items include the Dreamcatcher secret weapon, Huntress Dream, and Sacred Hunt Feather.

Firstly, you will need to get the Dreamcatcher, located in the Losomn Biome, specifically the version that spawns if you start in the Morrow Parish Overworld location.

Once you have the weapon, you’ll have to face the Huntress in one of three locations she can spawn in. These locations include the Brocwithe Quarter, the Forsaken Quarter, and the Ironborough. Make sure you don’t kill her here. After you’re done with the first encounter, go to Briella’s Garden (which is also in Losomn) and use the Dreamcatcher on the sleeping huntress. This way, you can acquire the Huntress Dream item in Remnant 2. You must approach this beast while she is sleeping. When you’re close enough, press the melee attack button to gain the item.

After this, you can use this item to enter Briella’s Reverie in Remnant 2. After entering that area, you can traverse it until you encounter the enemy boss, The Huntress. Once you defeat the boss, she’ll drop the Sacred Hunt Feather.

Now that you have all the required items, you can interact with Ava McCabe in Ward 13 to craft the mod.

Select the crafting option and then scroll over to the Familiar weapon mod. In addition to the items we’ve detailed above, you’ll also require the following materials:

  1. Lumenite Crystal (x5)
  2. Scrap (x650)

Familiar Weapon Mod uses

You can summon the Faerie Familiar with each fire of your weapon by equipping this mod. This familiar will target all enemies within a 10-meter radius of you. It’ll then perform a vicious series of slash attacks on them, allowing you to do decent damage for a short period, specifically 15 seconds. To use this mod, you need a mod power of at least 1,000.

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