Remnant 2 The Huntress Boss Guide

The Huntress can spawn in one of three different locations that depends on your progression and Remnant 2's RNG mechanics.

The Huntress is an optional boss in Remnant 2 and can be found riding her giant goat across Losomn. The Huntress boss wields a long spear, swinging it around like nobody’s business. We have put together this comprehensive guide to help you in the battle against The Huntress. Follow along if you also want to cheese through the battle.

Where to find The Huntress in Remnant 2

Similar to several other optional bosses in Remnant 2, you have to rely on a bit of RNG to find The Huntress. She can spawn in one of three different locations that depends on your progression and the game’s RNG mechanics.

Being a Dran, Huntress can only be found in the streets of Losomn, the Dran-infested areas, instead of the Fae Palace section.

You will find her in Losomn sleeping under an Archway while resting against her goat-like creature in either of the three sections of the world; Brocwithe Quarter, Forsaken Quarter, and Ironborough. You might have to look around quite a bit before you come across her. To initiate the fight with Huntress, you simply need to hit her and wake her up from her deep slumber.

Another way to fight Huntress is through Huntress’ Dream by using the Dreamcatcher on her. She appears roaming the streets of Briella’s Reverie in the dream state and is way easier to kill there with bonus rewards.

How to defeat The Huntress in Remnant 2

Before you get down and dirty with combat, there are some key aspects about The Huntress you should know to make the whole thing go a lot smoother. The Huntress has a couple of tricks up her sleeve you gotta watch out for.


For the most part, the attack pattern is going to consist of melee attacks where she will ride her mount and charge toward you while swiping and slashing her spear. The best way to avoid that is by keeping a distance so that you have ample time to react when she starts charging at you.

These goat-mounted charges include simple swipe, horn attack, and triple swipe as well. There is a special case she will do a fake triple swipe but will change halfway through the attack and will start charging at you to do the horn attack.

Close-quarter melee fighting with Huntress in Remnant 2 is ill-advised. She uses her spear to deliver sweep attacks. These attacks come in the form of 2, 3, and sometimes 4 hits. The 4th hit is always a slam attack while the third is an uppercut. These attacks can only be avoided by dodging backward multiple times.

Use the walls in the area to get away from her and deal some damage from a distance.

For the magical aspect of things, she will summon three spectral crows which will fly towards and will deal damage upon contact. Shoot them down before they reach you because they can be lethal. The only respite you get during the fight in Remnant 2 is when Huntress turns into ravens. These enemies are slow and can be killed to drop precious ammo and consumables.

Lastly, there is the Cyclone Slash. The Huntress will spin around, creating a powerful gust of wind that will come at you, full force, tearing through the air in Remnant 2. Keep your eyes open and as soon as she starts spinning, jump to either side to dodge.

The best way to make sure that she goes down and never gets back up is by keeping a distance and learning the attack pattern over the course of the battle. Dodge as many attacks as possible and shoot the weak spots: Goat’s Head and The Huntress’ Head in Remnant 2.

Exploit these weaknesses to make sure you come out as victor. Also, if you can, stay within areas where you have room to move around and see her attacks coming from a mile away.

Rewards for defeating The Huntress

The outcome and reward for the battle against The Huntress depends on how you choose to engage in battle. There are two ways to go about it.

Outcome 1: Venerated Spearhead

The scenario is where you find The Huntress sleeping under the bridge and you shoot to wake her up and then engage in battle. In this case, you will receive the following drops:

  • Scrap
  • x3 Lumenite Crystal
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Venerated Spearhead

Outcome 2: Sacred Hunt Feather

There is another scenario where you will engage in battle using the Dreamcatcher – a melee weapon that you can get your hands on by delivering the Nightweaver Stone Doll to a cobweb in the jail cell of Tormented Asylum.

Once you have that, attack the sleeping Huntress with the Dream Catcher and you will receive a consumable, Huntress’s Dream. Use it to unlock and travel to Briella’s Reverie.

There you will find the goat-riding bloodthirsty huntress standing on top of a building. Once you shoot her, she will engage in battle. You will receive the following reward for taking her down in this scenario:

  • Scrap
  • x3 Lumenite Crystal
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Sacred Hunt Feather

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