How To Get The Dendroid Armor Set In Remnant 2

If you are interested in a lightweight armor with some status resistance, then the Dendroid Set is an excellent option in Remnant 2.

The Dendroid Set is a lightweight armor set in Remnant 2 that is designed around the Root corruption. This is fitting because you also find the armor set on Root Earth, the last world you explore in the main campaign.

Being lightweight, the Dendroid Set is all about improving your mobility, agility, and dodge abilities. It only provides a moderate level of defense, but you get no stamina penalties in return.

The Dendroid armor set location in Remnant 2

Dendroid Set is part of the end-game equipment and is found through a secret passageway in Ashen Wasteland on Root Earth in Remnant 2.

This hidden area can be found by going under the bridge from the main checkpoint to find the building barred with wooden planks upfront.

Enter the building and head upstairs till you find the broken platforms. Jump across the platforms and then onto the broken pillar splitting the wall in half.

On the other side of the wall is the Dendroid Set along with Steel Katana ready to be equipped in Remnant 2.


Dendroid Set stats and bonuses

Dendroid Set is a lightweight armor set in Remnant 2 which means that it provides no Stamina penalty with swift dodges.

This improved mobility allows you to trade strength for agility enabling you to evade attacks quickly and deal impactful blows before they can even react.

Dendroid Set only weighs 25 with 47 armor in total with additional 10 Bleed Resistance, 2 Shock Resistance, and 8 Corrosive Resistance which provides moderate protection and low survivability.

If you are playing with Hunter or Gunslinger class, then not compromising movement speed with additional protection may be paramount to perfecting your build making this set an enticing option.

Dendroid Set makes up for what he lacks to offer in defense with swift agility. If you are interested in lightweight armor with some status resistance then Dendroid Set is an excellent option to have.

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