Best Starting Traits to Level Up In Remnant 2

Remnant 2, being an RPG, offers different traits for players to invest in to make their own character build. All...

Remnant 2, being an RPG, offers different traits for players to invest in to make their own character build. All these traits offer different benefits, and help your character grow in different ways. However, the value of some traits can differ depending on your position in the game. let us look at what traits players have, and which of these are the best to invest in in the early game in Remnant 2.

What are Traits in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, traits refer to passive skills players can use to improve their character. There are 32 Traits in total in the game, and they are divided into different types.

First, you have 4 Core or Starting Traits. These are the same for all classes and are available from the start. The effects of these Core Traits might differ depending on your Archetype, but they more or less serve the same function overall. The four Core Starting Traits are Endurance, Vigor, Expertise and Spirit.

You also have an Archetype specific trait. This trait varies for each archetype and works to improve the archetype’s identity. The Archetype Trait will automatically level up as your character levels up, so it can help improve your character without even investing in it.

Lastly, there are 17 Unlockable Traits. These traits are unlocked by completing the numerous side quests you can find in Remnant 2, and some of the puzzles that you need to solve. These traits help increase your abilities, and as they are unlocked as you progress, they help you become stronger to defeat the progressively stronger enemies thrown your way.

Best Starting Traits to level up in Remnant 2

Now that we have a brief introduction about the various traits out of the way, let us look at what traits are best suited to be leveled up early in Remnant 2.



Was there ever a question? Vigor Trait increases your HP by 3% for every upgrade. The earliest thing you need in Remnant 2 is health to keep you alive since the enemies are stronger than expected. You will be getting a lot of new weapons and skills in the early game, and players will be tempted to test them out.

Of course, for this, you need to be able to let your guard down, and this means you need extra health to survive some of the punishment coming your way. You should max this out as quickly as possible.


Endurance increases your stamina by 3% for every upgrade. Stamina is consumed for every attack, every dodge and for sprinting. Low stamina means that players not only have to halt their offense to catch their breath, but this also means that players with low stamina won’t be able to dodge attacks, leaving them open to their enemy’s offense. Invest 4-5 points in this.


Expertise reduces your skill cooldown by 2% for every upgrade. This might seem useless early on, where you have only a few basic skills on your hands, but in the early game where you don’t have the strongest weapons in the game, you need every ability you can get and increase your damage output as much as possible.

Skills can really save your skin in tight spots, so it’s best that you do invest in Expertise that will allow you to depend on your skills much more. Prioritize this after increasing your Endurance and Vigor.

Best traits to unlock early in Remnant 2

After you have invested the above-recommended points in the starting core traits, focus on unlocking and upgrading the following traits


Recovery is an unlockable trait, that can be unlocked by returning the lost Dran child found in Cotton Kiln. The trait allows players to regen stamina faster. The initial boost is 3 stamina per second but can be increased all the way to 30 stamina per second.

The Recovery trait is perfect for both early game where you have low total stamina, to the end game where stamina costs will become a problem. Invest 5 points in Recovery.


Siphoner can be unlocked by clearing the Dormant N’Erudian Facility. Remnant 2’s lifesteal ability is quite important for builds that capitalize on fast attacks. this ability increases the HP you restore for every attack. The initial increase is 0.3% but can be increased all the way to 3%. Similar to Vigor, max out the Siphoner trait in Remnant 2 as quickly as possible.


Amplitude is unlocked after you complete the Labyrinth Horde battle. This trait increases your AoE attack’s damage by 5% for every upgrade. The trait is perfect for dealing with multiple weak enemies and taking them out quickly to focus on that one stronger enemy these mobs are distracting you from.

If you are playing a Medic or have a build that relies on AoE, this trait is useful to have.


You can unlock the Barkskin trait by speaking to Meidra, answer her question without any emotions to get the trait. The trait reduces all incoming damage by 1% for every upgrade and can be increased all the way to 10%. Perfect for every build as less damage is good damage.

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