How To Get Labyrinth Staff In Remnant 2

Labyrinth Staff in Remnant 2 is useful when you are out of ammo or the enemy you are fighting deals, mostly ranged attacks.

Remnant 2 has a ton of guns you can find either as rewards in events or after defeating bosses or solving puzzles. One of these weapons in Remnant 2 is Labyrinth Staff, which can be useful when you are out of ammo. Or the enemy you are fighting deals mostly ranged attacks.

You can find this in a particular place, and we will go through where you have to go to get the labyrinth staff and the stats it provides.

How to get the Labyrinth Staff melee weapon in Remnant 2

You can find the Labyrinth staff in the early game section. The Labyrinth is where you get this weapon after taking out an enemy. Here you will need to look for a place called the Fractured Ingress. This place has a fast travel point you can use to get to the Labyrinth.

From the fast travel point, you will find a giant portal in front of you. Taking a left from the portal and up the stairs would be best. Next to the stairs, you will find a plus-shaped doorway that you can go through.

Through the doorway, you will find a path that goes straight. This path has a portal to the right and another way to the left, but you must go straight and ignore them both. You will come up against some enemies with glowing orbs in Remnant 2 on their heads, which are their weaknesses.

After dealing with them, you will find a platform after a set of wide stairs. From the platform, you will have to jump down on the slabs of rocks. As you jump down, the rock slabs will align and make a bridge. Now move along until you find a significant drop.

Here you will need to wait until a platform arrives. Use this platform to cross the drop. Now move straight through the narrow path and drop to an ample, open space. In the far end, in front of you, is the Labyrinth staff in Remnant 2, which will be on an altar.

Defeat Bastion

As you approach it, you will be ambushed by the Bastion. This is a slow beast, but if you are far away from it, it will jump towards you quickly. You can run past it to get the staff to defeat it. The Bastion has a giant glowing orb which is the weak point of it, and you can deal maximum damage to it by shooting that.

When killed, you will be rewarded with iron, a Vengeful strike, and 2x Corrupted Lumenite Crystal. Now to get out of this place, jump down the hole in the middle of the arena, and you will find a portal that will lead you to safety.

Labyrinth Staff effects and uses

The Labyrinth staff in Remnant 2 is a basic staff that will provide support in early game times. You can deal significant damage to enemies using this melee weapon. Labyrinth staff comes with a stagger modifier and can damage enemies’ weak spots more.

Other than the stats, when you use the staff to deal with basic attacks, you will receive 10% additional Mod Power. If you charge and attack with this staff, you will get an AoE attack around you. Any enemy in the 2m radius around you will get 75 damage from the AoE, generating 50% additional Mod Power.

Also, combing this staff with some other items can help you access the Archon archetype in Remnant 2.

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