Remnant 2 Astropath’s Respite Guide

Astropath’s Respite is practically a dungeon site that you can explore in order to find multiple Seeker Keys in Remnant 2

Astropath’s Respite is a dungeon site that you can explore to find multiple Seeker Keys in Remnant 2. This will be important if you aim for the Custodian questline, which can be started at Nerud. So to find these keys, you must explore all the levels of the Astropath’s Respite.

This dungeon had quite a history as it was the home of a powerful deity called The Astropath. He was practically split into different seers, which came together to form its body and served the purpose of being a navigator seer.

This way, The Astropath used foresight to get visions of the eminent future and fulfilled the purpose of guiding the Drzyr in Remnant 2. This continued for quite a while until it finally led to their downfall.

Remnant 2 Astropath Respite dungeon walkthrough

So after you save at the checkpoint near the Astropath’s Respite dungeon, you can proceed directly into the dungeon. However, exploring this dungeon is difficult, as you will face many enemies at every turn here. As this particular dungeon will contain three levels for you to explore, which will be:

Lower Spire

So you can start your exploration from the Lower Spire first but be careful as this level will also be rigged with traps and enemies. These will include enemies such as the Robot Grunt, reminding you of an evil and slimmer version of Baymax.

Middle Spire

After eliminating these and exploring that part, you will finally encounter an elevator on your left side. It will take you to the Middle Sapphire in Remnant 2, where you will find more Robot Grunts waiting for you.


Eliminate these and continue your exploration, and you will come across more formidable opponents, known as Striders (E.D. Alpha), this time. The N’Erud Robots will pose quite a challenge and are not as easy to deal with as the Robot Grunts.

So eliminate them as they will be a constant headache, and take your time to discover the other elevators. These will be useful in granting you access to other levels in the Astropath Respite dungeon.

Upper Spire

However, once you reach the main elevator, it will take you to the top level, but you may have missed a hidden room. So instead of getting off at the upper level, stand back at the elevator for it to move down and then rush into the hidden room next.

Inside, you will find two Robot Grunts on both sides, and in between them is an item glowing purple. So you can kill them and go to it to get the Low Yield Recovery Ring in Remnant 2. Then follow the path left and take the right turn to reach the main elevator again.

Secret Propulsion Loop / Defensive Action Loop

Once you are on the elevator, go to the top level, which goes directly to the middle level, and after exiting it, you can travel straight until you see another item glowing purple in the distance. On inquiring about it, you will see that it is the Propulsion Loop ring you can acquire in Remnant 2. Equipping this ring will increase movement speed each time you kill an enemy.

After gaining this item, please return to the elevator and go to the lower level this time, and upon exiting it, you can that the path towards the right side. In doing so, you will find a chest which you can unlock to receive the following items:

  • Scrap (x132)
  • Galvanized Iron (x1)
  • Forged Iron (x2)
  • Dark Fluid (x1)

Rusted Navigator’s Pendant

To find the Rusted Navigator’s Pendant, you must explore the Astropath’s Respite dungeon more. So go to the secret chambers and then go towards the elevator next. Get on it and travel to the Upper Spire in Remnant 2.

Like always, you will find the Robot Grunts waiting for you above, so take them out and follow the broken path ahead. At the end, turn right and enter the chambers, where you will find an item on your left side.

Go towards it, and once you interact with it by selecting the play option, you will discover that it is the Rusted Navigator’s pendant. Using this pendant on your build will increase your health and stamina in Remnant 2.

The Astropath boss fight

You can then jump onto the resting pod, after which there will be a short cutscene as the pod closes and transports you back to the secret chambers.

There you will see four angry Specters emerging from the other pods; These will circulate the purple globe and combine to form the physical appearance of the giant-sized spectre boss known as the Astropath in Remnant 2.

This enemy boss will challenge you and attack you with ranged attacks in the form of orange balls. So make sure to dodge these and watch out for this enemy boss’ leap attack next. The best action would be changing positions and distance from this enemy boss. Use your weapons to target the Astropath torso to get the damage on this enemy boss in Remnant 2.

Once you bring it to 50 percent health, the Astropath will summon minions in the form of golden skeletons. Hence you should kill these first while dodging the enemy boss’s ranged attack and then proceed with the same attack pattern to take this enemy boss down in Remnant 2.

It is essential to know here that defeating this enemy boss will earn you the Seeker’s Key, so take your time to eliminate the Astropath for it to drop this item in Remnant 2.

Astropath’s Respite rewards

Once you can take down the final enemy boss in the Astropath’s Respite dungeon, you will be able to salvage a lot of rewards as well.

These will include items such as:

The Astropath’s RingBy equipping it will allow you to see the future for a short period.
Equipping it will allow you to see the future for a short period.Equipping it will allow you to see the future for a short period.
The Astropath’s StaffYou can cast powerful spells by using it.

Astropath’s Respite dungeon is worth exploring, as it can provide you with many powerful gear items, which you can use with your builds to become even more vital in Remnant 2.

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