How to Raise Pokemon’s Affection in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

In this Pokemon USAUM Guide, we have discussed how you can easily raise your Pokemon's Affection by using Pokemon Refresh in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Affection can have a lot of impact on your experience when playing through Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. This How to Raise Pokemon’s Affection Using Pokemon Refresh in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Guide will tell you all of the ins and outs of the system when you are using Pokemon Refresh and how you can get the best out of your Pokemon using Pokemon Refresh.

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Raise Pokemon’s Affection in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

Affection can be increased using Pokemon Refresh. You can use it to groom, feed and pet your Pokemon when you have free time or after a battle. You can also use this to cure any status effects that might be plaguing your Pokemon to save your items. Now we will take a look at how to increase the affection, petting and the stomach of your Pokemon.


When you raise the affection of your Pokemon, your experience that you get in battles will increase. You will also increase the evasion stats so you can get more bonuses during battle. You can see the affection level of your Pokemon in a chart in the Pokemon Select screen of Pokemon Refresh.


Petting will make small hearts appear on your screen, which will disappear after the enjoyment gauge reaches its maximum.

Full Stomach

A Pokemon will stop eating once it has 5 beans in its stomach. This does not seem to have an effect on your Pokemon.

Advantages of Affection Hearts

Having hearts are a great indicator of how happy your Pokemon is and will help you quite a bit in battle. 2 Hearts increase the experience you gain by a multiplier of 1.2x.

3 Hearts will make your Pokemon have 1 HP in a situation where it will usually faint. 4 Hearts may make your Pokemon evade attacks and heal status effects after a turn. 5 Hearts will increase the chance of you landing a critical strike.

As opposed to Affection, Friendship, or Happiness, is the feature with which you can evolve certain Pokemon (ex. Pichu and Munchlax) once the gauge reaches a required level.

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