Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokerus Virus Guide – How to Acquire Pokerus Virus, Double EV Gains, How to Cure Pokerus

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokerus Guide to help you learn all you need to know about Pokerus virus in Pokemon and how to Use Pokerus Virus, where to find.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokerus Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about Pokerus virus in Pokemon USAUM, its benefits, and how to spread it to other Pokemon.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon released on 3DS recently and comes with a range of different features and aspects. One of those is the Sun and Moon Pokerus Virus.

It should something harmful but it is not, well not to you anyway. The is very useful if you wish to boost your EV gains after battles in Ultra Sun and Moon. But the sad news is that the Pokerus Virus of Sun and Moon is not easy to get.

Thankfully, we the following information should explain how to get Pokerus Virus in Ultra Sun and Moon, and how to use it.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokerus Guide – How to Use Pokerus, Where to Find Pokerus Virus

SOS battles are essential in gaining loads of Effort Values (EV) and Individuals Values (IV) for yourself and the Pokemon. They can also lead you to Rare and Shiny Pokemon that are very hard to come across otherwise.

In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon SOS Battles Guide, we have detailed all you need to know about SOS Battles in USAUM. We will try to explain Pokemon SOS battles and how to Call of Help in Ultra Sun and Moon.

The following is the detailed guide of how to initiate, prolong and terminate an SOS battle.

Pokemon SOS Battle

The SOS battle involves you battling a wild Pokemon and aiming for it to make an SOS call to lure in another Pokemon for help. The Pokemon that comes for help is either a part of the evolution chain of the Pokemon that make the call or is rare or shiny counter-part of the same Pokemon or it belongs to a part of selection range that the combat mechanics entail.

Combat Mechanics
The SOS battles feature is new to the Ultra Sun and Moon game. It has a specific set of orders and mechanics in which the wild or totem Pokemon and its allies behave. The Pokemon that are called depending on the weather, the conditions and the HP of the calling Pokemon.

SOS Combat Essentials

  • You need to obtain a Shiny Charm. Although this does not help by any means in battle, the charm increases the chance of the appearance of a shiny Pokemon threefold. And to get the charm, you need to first complete the Alola Pokedex.
  • Teach your Pokemon False Swipe. It is an attack that a lot of Pokemon are capable of learning. It lowers the HP of the opponent Pokemon to a minimum. You can replace this with another move that you no longer require.
  • You can also have this by the move reminder.
    Equip yourself with Adrenaline Orbs. When held by your Pokemon, it boosts its speed and stamina, which in turn intimidates the opposing Pokemon forcing them to call for help again and again. Keep with yourself as much as you can.
  • Keep with yourself loads of Lepper berries. Restores your PP by 10 points. Go to the Poke Pelago to harvest as many as you want.
  • Turn battle animation off to speed up the otherwise never-ending battle.

Ally Chaining
Now having obtained all the said items, you need to get into combat with a wild/totem Pokemon. Once in battle, use the Shiny Charm to improve you’re odd of confronting a shiny Pokemon. Following that use the Adrenaline Orbs followed by False Swipe, to lower the opponents HP to 1, thereby threatening it to call for help.

Once the Pokemon calls for help, it might or might not come. It’s just a matter of chance. If no Pokemon comes, use the adrenaline orb once again. This will have no effect but is useful in skipping a turn to allow the opponent to call for the ally again.

You should always keep a few things in mind. First, the Ally Pokemon is always of the same evolutionary line to that of the weakened Pokemon. Secondly, weakened Pokemon cannot summon an Ally Pokemon under Poison, Paralysis, Burn, and other status effects. And also, that the ally Pokemon who will come to the aid of a weakened Pokemon is dependent on location and weather conditions.

Once the ally has come and is not shiny or rare, you need to eliminate one of the two, then is a false swipe on the other to make it call for help again. Repeat this until you get the Pokemon you desire, essentially creating a chain. But keep in mind that the chain resets at 250. From then on, it is no use continuing. You may as well go on to start another chain.

If you wish to discontinue the chain, there are some things that you can do. You can either faint a Wild Pokemon in the absence of its Ally Pokemon or faint a Wild Pokemon in the presence of an Ally Pokemon if the latter is incapable of calling another Ally Pokemon. Finally, you can simply run away from the battle and that should allow you to successfully break the chain.

It goes without saying that SOS Battle Chaining is pretty useful when it comes to EV Training. Once called, an Ally Pokemon doubles the number of EVs it provides upon getting defeated. If you manage to combine it with Power Items and Pokerus, you should be able to hit the maximum of 252 EVs in no time. We have detailed more on EV Training Tips in our dedicated guide found at the link.

IV Farming Using SOS Battles

The first thing that you need to know is that a long chain allows you to have increased chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon, have Pokemon with better IVs, and find Pokemon with Hidden Abilities. It is also important to note that a chain cannot go beyond 255 Pokemon – it resets after 255.

When it comes to getting Perfect IVs, you have 4 guaranteed Perfect IVs between chain length of 30 to 255. As for getting a Pokemon with Hidden Abilities, there are 15% chances of getting one between 30 to 255.

Weather/Location Specific SOS Pokemon

  • Sandstorm SOS Pokemon
  • Haina Desert = Castform, Gabite

Hail SOS Pokemon

  • Tapu Village = Castform, Vanillite
  • Mount Lanakila = Castform, Vanillite

Rain SOS Pokemon

  • Lush Jungle = Castform, Goomy
  • Malie Garden = Casftorm, Poliwhirl
  • Alola Route 17 = Castform, Goomy
  • Exeggutor Island = Castform, Sliggoo

This is all we have in our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokerus Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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