Raft Zipline Parts Locations, How to Make Zipline and Use

While you may start off with just a small board in the Raft survival game, the main objective is to expand your raft till it no longer resembles one. As the size of your raft increases, so does the need for faster traversal. That is where ziplines come in, allowing you to quickly move from one section of the Raft to another.

Our guide will get you started with setting up ziplines on your Raft and tips on how best to use them.

How to Build a Zipline in Raft Survival Game

To make a zipline, it is obvious that you need to make two ziplines; one at a higher position and one at a bit lower position. For both ziplines, you are going to need

  • 5x planks
  • 5x ropes
  • 1x bolt

You can find these quite easily. So make two ziplines. One higher and one lower as said earlier and connect both with a rope and you are done.

Raft Zipline Parts

There are three parts of the zipline given as part of the story upon completing certain steps. The location of all of them is explained below:

Once you are in Caravan Town, you need to explore the place around and you will eventually find a well and a few pipes that will be coming from above. There is a hand pump at the junction of all pipes. Use that hand pump to fill the well with water. Once it is filled, you will get the first part of your zipline.

For the second part of the zipline, you need to search the place near the Container Tower a bit. You will find a bicycle and pipe that is going down deep in the sea. Go underwater following that pipe.

If you’re running low on oxygen, there will be bubbles rising up, go towards the bubbles and you will be able to fill your oxygen up. Keep following the pipe and you will find a blue container. Inside that container is the second part of the zipline as well as Metal Detector blueprint.

For the third part, go to the top of the island and find a rocket. Once you have found a rocket, light it up with explosive powder. If you happen to not have explosive powder then simply kill a pufferfish.

So when you light up a rocket, follow the direction it goes to. Right below the rocket, there will be two floating islands. Go to the bigger one to get the third part of the zipline.

How to Use Zipline in Raft Survival Game

To use the zipline you are required to craft the corresponding tool for it. You are going to need

  • 15 Plastics
  • 5 Scraps
  • 1 Hinge
  • 1 Bolt

Once you have crafted the tool, go to the inventory and equip it. Now, finally, you will be able to use the zipline.

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