How to Kill Warthog Boar in Raft

This Raft guide will give you different strategies for defeating Warthog Boar so you can scavenge islands safely.

The world of Raft is filled with normal as well as boss-type enemies such as the Mama Bear and Shark. The Warthog Boar is one those creatures which usually spawns on Large Islands. These creatures can respawn as well. This Raft guide will give you different strategies for defeating Warthog Boar.

How to Kill Warthog Boar in Raft

The first strategy you can use to kill Warthog Boar is to use water to your advantage. Luring the Warthog towards water is an effective way to kill it. After that, proceed to the beach and prepare for the Warthog to rush towards you.

Return towards the water, and after the Warthog has completed rushing, it gets distracted for a fraction of a second, allowing you to attack it. This strategy can be accelerated by hitting the Warthog on the ground before returning to the coast to attract its attention.

Using crossbows and arrows is another strategy that can be used to kill Warthog in Raft. Whenever you face Warthog, use arrows to attack it.  Now it may sound simple but it isn’t.

You need to keep on moving around constantly to dodge Warthog’s attacks as well. One thing you need to keep in mind is that Warthog can inflict a lot of damage, so dodge its attacks with precision.

For the third strategy, we recommend that you use a metal spear and use the wall as bait. Simply run towards the wall and when you reach the wall, jump on it. When you jump on the wall, you’ll have a height advantage.

This way Warthog won’t be able to hit you and you can stab him repeatedly from above until it’s killed. This strategy might be a bit time-consuming but we assure you that this is the safest strategy and a ruthless one as well.

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