How To Kill Mama Bear In Raft

If you’ve embarked on the journey towards Balboa Island, you may already know that you’ll be facing many bears and...

If you’ve embarked on the journey towards Balboa Island, you may already know that you’ll be facing many bears and finding many signboards that warn you about keeping a distance from them. Mama Bear is a boss entity in Raft and can absolutely kill you if you’re not prepared ahead of time. In this Raft guide, we’ll be going over where you can find the Mama bear and how you can kill it.

Where Is Mama Bear’s Cave In Raft?

Mama Bear’s Cave is found on Balboa Island. As you travel to this Island, you’ll come to know that the Cave consists of Blueprint: Machete, a single Machete, Dirt piles, and Cave Mushrooms.

However, Mama Bear is in charge of protecting her Cave and kills anyone who tries to enter it. Therefore, if you’re looking to enter the Cave, you must first kill the Mama Bear.

How To Kill Mama Bear In Raft

Just as you dock your boat to the side and enter Balboa Island, you’ll come across a signboard. Go to the path behind you as you stand in front of the signboard and start walking along the narrow trail to find a cave with a bear guarding it. Walk straight and turn left to go up the hill. Keep moving forward, and you’ll soon encounter the Mama Bear.

There are plenty of strategies that players can you use to Kill Mama bear in Raft. Upon killing this enemy, players will get Leather x15, Raw Meat x10,  Mama Bear Head x1, and Mother Lode! Achievement.

In order to head inside the Mama Bear’s Cave, you will have to lure her away from the Cave entrance by picking up five wild berries from the shore and placing them near the front of the Cave in a container. Then, once Mama Bear goes towards it and starts enjoying her meal, you can enter the Cave from her back and get the loot.

After Mama Bear is out of the Cave, and you’re in it, you can take that opportunity to kill her. Unfortunately, Mama Bear has a massive health pool. Therefore, before you advance any attacks, we recommend you equip yourself with Leather Armor for extra safety and use ranged weapons like Basic Bow and Metal Arrows to attack from a safe distance.

Once Mama Bear starts eating the wild berries, make your way towards the ledge on the nearby canyon and stand there to advance your attacks. Then, start shooting your arrows towards her and run backward whenever she comes to approach you. Do this continuously till you drop her health pool decently enough.

While attacking and going back and forth, Mama bear will return to eating berries again, giving you an opportunity once again to catch her vulnerable and advance more attacks.

But how many hits does it take to kill mama bear? Well, it will take approximately 40-50 arrows to kill this enemy, and once that’s done, you’ll have yourself some hefty rewards.

During the process of attacking Mama Bear, you will get hurt, too, as she possesses abilities to chase you down for longer distances. Moreover, she can almost drain almost half of your health if you’re not being careful. Therefore, always keep some healing items on you to save yourself from such scenarios.

Keep in mind that Bears in Raft respawn inside their territories three minutes after you’ve killed them. Hence, you can expect Mama Bear to regenerate health and respawn in her spawn zone. Since the Dirt piles and Cave Mushrooms respawn in the cave as well, this will definitely not be your last time facing this beast.

How To Cheese Mama Bear

We appreciate traditional boss fight strategies but what better way than to cheese yourself out of the boss fight? We all love some cheese strategy, and here’s one you can use to get rid of Mama Bear.

If you want to kill Mama Bear without compromising your health pool, you should simply find a high spot where Mama Bear can’t approach you, and you can attack her with bows killing her in half the time than expected.

To find this spot, you need to take a good look at the Cave’s front, and you’ll find a ledge at just the top of the entrance. While the big beast is munching on her berries, you can get on that spot and attack her, catching her totally off guard. From there onwards, just go ham on the bear; she should be dead in no time.

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