How to Get Trash Cubes in Raft

Get the Recycler and convert the trash into Trash Cubes.

Contrary to its name, Trash Cubes are a valuable resource in Raft. You can use Trash Cubes as a currency to buy materials, recipes and cosmetic items from trading posts on Islands. So like it or not, having a lot of Trash Cubes in Raft can be beneficial for you. In this short guide, we will discuss how you can make these Trash Cubes using Recycler.

How To Get Trash Cubes Using Recycler

While you can loot Trash Cubes from the Ocean (surface and depth), buliding a Recycler makes things faster and is a recommended way of getting them.


It’s recommended that you keep hoarding the trash materials until you are able to build a Recycler. Once you have it, you can use that trash and covert it to Trash Cubes.

To build a Raft Recycler, you will first need its blueprint which you can get from the Radio Tower. Once you have the blueprint, you can build a Recycler on your Raft to make Trash Cubes. You will need the following materials to make a Recycler after you have acquired the blueprint from the Radio Tower

After the Recycler has been made, you can put raw materials inside it and it will convert them to Trash Cubes. The following table shows the tash items you can use to get Trash Cubes, their value and how much of a material is need to get 1 Trash Cube:

Trash Item/MaterialValueAmount for 1 Trash Cube
Vine Goo1312
Giant Clam305
Wet Brick603
Dry Brick603
Plam Leaf530
Metal Ore305
Copper Ore305
Titanium Ore752

Once you have a sizeable inventory of trash cubes, take them to any vendor and you can exchange them for other materials and items. Here is a list of items you can purchase in Raft using Trash Cubes:

  • Simple/Advanced/Expert Fishing Bait.
  • Floatsam
  • Ore
  • Cooking Ingredients (mushrooms, chili etc.)
  • Cooking Recipes
  • Special Items (Airhorn, Fridge, Compass)
  • Diving Equipment
  • Drawbridge for your Raft
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