How To Get To Tangaroa In Raft

Tangaroa is an important story location to explore because of the important Blueprints and other crafting resources that you can only find over there in Raft.

Tangaroa will unlock in the second chapter of the story and there are some requirements you need to fulfill to not only locate the massive city but also head over there.

The following guide will tell you how to get to Tangaroa in Raft.

How To Get To Tangaroa In Raft

Tangaroa is an environmental location in Raft that gets unlocked for exploration in the Second Chapter. This location is a large Metallic City surrounded by a protective dome that resembles Atlantis in many ways.

To receive the coordinates to Tangaroa, you must first completely explore the Caravan Island; including the Mayor’s Office and go through the documents found in the office.

As you search through the documents, you’ll come across a journal with the coordinates to the Tangaroa City. Flip to Page #26 to see the coordinates which are 8231.

The next step is putting the coordinates in the navigation system and sailing to your destination. Just follow the radar to the blue mark, and rotate the raft in a position where the blue mark is shifted to the right side.

As you go through the massive fog surrounding the area, you’ll come across a large dome within which is the large City of Tangaroa.

Tangaroa City Walkthrough

The dome pretty much consists of an entire city with new places to explore, and new adversaries to encounter. Each step you make in this city will surely test your abilities as you will be involved in solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and exploring different areas such as Basement, Bridge, Main City Areas, Main Tower, Plantation, Secret Basement, Skyscrapers, and the Storage.

This city needs to be explored entirely if you want to acquire the best and the most useful items such as Elevator Cassette, Generator Part, Tangaroa Keycard, Tangaroa Painting, Tangaroa Plant, 35px Vending Machine Token, and Tape.

Additionally, you can also come across a few Blueprints as well. The best way to explore the area is by bringing a good amount of food, a Cooking Pot, and two bottles of water with you in case you’re unable to find some in the city by yourself.

Secondly, a Backpack is a must since it provides you with extra slots which you can use to store your supplies. You don’t necessarily have to bring any armor but you will have to watch out for the Butler Bots that pack quite a punch.

As previously mentioned, the City needs to be explored fully, meaning you’ll have to visit each area in the City. The best time to explore is in the daytime but in case you’re out in the dark, simply equip yourself with a Head Light.

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