How To Catch And Tame Livestock Animals In Raft

While most of the animals in Raft are hostile and will attack you on sight, some are non-hostile and can...

While most of the animals in Raft are hostile and will attack you on sight, some are non-hostile and can be kept as livestock.

There are three livestock animals in Raft: Clucker, Goat, and Llama. Cluckers can be used to get Eggs. Goat and Llama provide Milk and Wool respectively; all of which are important resources to survive on the perilous seas.

The following guide will explain how to first catch livestock, then tame and feed them for resources, and finally ensure that your livestock doesn’t run away.

How To Catch & Tame Livestock Animals In Raft

You can only find livestock animals on large islands. To catch them, you’ll need a Net Launcher that uses a Net Cannister as ammunition.

You can craft a Net Launcher with 2x Scrap, 4x Plastic, 1x Metal Ingot, and 2x Bolt. Once that is done, you can craft 1x Net Cannister with 1x Explosive Powder, 4x Stone, and 4x Rope.

When you find livestock animals on large islands, fire your Net Launcher at them. If the net catches a livestock animal, you can pick them up and take them back to your raft. Once a livestock animal is caught, they are automatically tamed but that does not necessarily guarantee that they won’t try to escape.

How To Feed Livestock Animals

You must place your captured livestock animals in Grass Plots to feed them. Grass Plots need to be first grown (or built) on your raft with 2x Dirt, 6x Plank, and 4x Plastic.

Each Grass Plot takes 5 minutes to grow and you need to keep watering it with Fresh Water. Once the Grass Plot is ready, your livestock animal will feed off the grass. When all of the grass has been eaten, you must water the Grass Plot again.

How to Stop Livestock Animals from Escaping

To ensure that your livestock animals don’t escape, you can build Fences with 2x Plank each around the Grass Plots to create an enclosure of sorts.

Disappearing Animals Bug

If your livestock animals are disappearing, check your fencing. If the fencing is sound, you are facing a known bug in Raft that causes animals to disappear at random. There is no known fix to this problem at the time of writing.

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