How To Get Eggs In Raft

Finding food will be one of your sole goals to survive in Raft. That is where eggs come in, which...

Finding food will be one of your sole goals to survive in Raft. That is where eggs come in, which are one of the many sustenance items to manage your hunger and thirst levels in the game.

However, much like the other resources in Raft, you will not just find eggs on an island. What you will find is a clucker (chicken-like livestock) to lay eggs.

The following guide will help you find cluckers and hence, bag eggs in Raft.

How To Find/Catch Cluckers In Raft

In the Raft survival game, Clucker is another name for chickens. They can only be found on large islands. You will, however, only get access to large islands after coming across the Radio Tower, which can be tracked down by crafting a Reciever.

There is something else you need to catch Cluckers: a Net Launcher that shoots a net to catch livestock. You can craft a Net Launcher using 2x Scrap, 4x Plastic, 1x Metal Ingot, and 2x Bolt.

Next, you need some ammunition for your Net Launcher. Craft Net Canisters using 1x Explosive Powder, 4x Rope, and 4x Stone.

When you have your Net Launcher and Net Canisters, make your way to a large island. Start exploring and when you spot Cluckers, use your Net Launcher to net them.

Take note that there are two types of Cluckers. The first is a normal type which can be easily identified as it is all blue. The second type is rare and further features two types of Cluckers: a white-headed rare one and an all-red rare one.

There is a 88% chance that a large island will have the normal blue Clucker type. The white-headed and all-red rare Cluckers have an 8% and a 4% chance respectively. If you catch any rare Clucker, you’ll unlock the “Some Look Different!” achievement in the game.

How To Get Eggs In Raft

Once you have found and caught Cluckers, it is time to take them back to an enclosure so that they do not wander off. You can build an enclosure by using 2x Dirt, 6x Planks, and 4x Plastic.

Cluckers need food before they can lay eggs. Hence, make sure that your enclosure has Grass Plots to feed your Cluckers.

Something important to note is that you need to either keep watering your Grass Plots or build new ones once Cluckers have eaten all the grass. Cluckers will stop laying eggs if they are staring.

When all of the conditions have been met, Cluckers will lay eggs every 4-6 minutes. You can expect a single Clucker to lay 2x Eggs at a time.

How To Use Eggs

You can use eggs in various ways. You can firstly eat eggs to reduce your hunger levels. You can also use eggs to craft healing items. Furthermore, eggs can be used in Biofuel Refiners.

You can also use eggs as a cooking ingredient in various, delicious cooking recipes for bonuses such as Catfish Deluxe, Fish Stew, Head Broth, and many more.

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