How To Get Blowtorch & Selene Key In Raft

The Selene Research Facility on Temperance island requires a Blowtorch and a Selene Key to enter. Since the research facility...

The Selene Research Facility on Temperance island requires a Blowtorch and a Selene Key to enter. Since the research facility is integral to the chapters of Raft, you will be scratching your head as to where to find those two items.

The following guide will show you how to get the Blowtorch and the Selene Key to enter the Selene Research Facility in Raft.

How To Get Selene Key

There is a large building on Temperance island which is shaped like a robotic head. You will know you have the right building because there will be broken fences on the outside with a note glued on them. The Selene Key is inside this building.

As soon as you go past the broken fences, the ground will collapse to open a new path for you to follow. Keep moving forward until you come across water. Swim your way to the ladder on the other side and ascend to enter the building.

Inside the building, you’ll find a series of notes with drawings on them. You can solve them for the four-digit access code which is 5964.

Now head up to the upper room where you’ll find a safe deposit box. Enter the access code and get the Selene Key from inside, alongside an Advanced Stationary Anchor blueprint.

How To Get Blowtorch

To get the Blowtorch in the game, you will need to power up the Igloo Village on Temperance island as part of a storyline quest.

You need to make your way to all of the five Towers on the island to collect 10x Electric Cables. There is also a Tower near the generator of the Igloo Village in the middle of the island with another 2x Electric Cables.

Once you have 12x Electric Cables on you, it is time to power up the village by connecting the cables on each dome. All you need to do is connect a cable to the generator of the village and then connect the cable with the first dome. From there, keep dragging the cable to connect the next dome and then the next until you have connected all the domes.

This will open up the main building of the village. Head inside and use the stairs to go up to the first floor. There will be a table in the room. The Blowtorch will be on it. You will also find an Advanced Biofuel Refiner blueprint here.

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