Quantum Break Xbox One X Update is Live, Comes with TV Episode Pack

Is your Xbox One X ready for its bigger update on a game? Quantum Break Xbox One X Enhancement update is live and weighs in at 94.7GB. As a post on the Xbox One subreddit suggests that the game will take 102.6GB of storage on your Xbox One X which seems a bit harsh. Even though Quantum Break is an audio and visual dream, its weight is too much for a game of its caliber.

For those who want to get into the Quantum Break TV series as well, the update will also include a TV Episode Pack which can be downloaded (75.6GB of storage space will be used) or streamed on your console. In total if you download both parts of this update, Quantum Break will take 178.1GB of space on your console.

Now the game features a significant boost to its resolution with its 4K enhancement and updated graphics. Even if you stick with the 1080p mode, this update of Quantum Break still offers a nice improvement over the original Xbox One version in terms of image quality because there’s a 2.25x boost to the base pixel count.

This Xbox One X enhancement update will not be the end of this title since Microsoft assured that it will not be abandoned. The company intends to stick with its new IPs in which more stories can be told. According to Shannon Loftis, general manager of Microsoft’s Global Games Publishing, to make these IPs special, Microsoft needs to stick with them instead of abandoning them.

If you are playing Quantum Break on PC though, a new patch was released for that game recently on Steam optimizing ambient occlusion effect and tweaking some graphic elements.

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