Microsoft Not Abandoning Quantum Break And ReCore, Will Be Sticking With Them To Make “Something Really Monumental”

Microsoft has been lagging behind a bit for current gen in terms of New IPs and there hasn’t been much of them for Xbox One, however, Microsoft is determined to change all that as the company has signed deals for multiple new IPs that will be revealed in 3-4 years and now, Microsoft has hinted that it aims to stick with its new IPs such as Quantum Break and ReCore.

Speaking with Game Informer, general manager of Microsoft’s Global Games Publishing, Shannon Loftis, hinted that Microsoft intends to stick with its new IPs like Quantum Break and ReCore in which more stories can be told. According to Loftis, to make these IPs special, Microsoft needs to stick with them instead of abandoning them.

I think Quantum Break is a really good example of a world and a phenomenon where there’s still a lot of story that we can tell. Announcing ReCore: Definitive Edition was a little bit of a signal to people that got into the world of Far Eden and fell in love with these characters that we believe that that’s an IP with a lot of legs. I think that the key to developing these IPs into something really special and something really monumental is sticking with them.

In related news, Microsoft is also launching the Xbox One X which will launch next month with tons of enhanced first-party and third-party titles. Also, the company expects the console to last longer as according to Aaron Greenberg, the console has been designed to be future proof and will last for quite a while.

It seems that Microsoft has learned from its mistakes like canceling Scalebound and is now taking first-party titles seriously. We will wait and see how long the company will stick to its new IPs like Quantum Break and ReCore.

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Source: GameInformer

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