Remedy Releases Another Minor Patch For Quantum Break Steam Version, Windows Store Left Behind

Remedy Entertainment released a new patch to fix issues with Steam version of Quantum Break while the Windows 10 version hasn't been updated in a while

Remedy Entertainment recently released a new patch for Quantum Break and unsurprisingly, the patch is only for the Steam version of the game while the DirectX 12 version, the one available on Windows Store, still remains untouched in months.

The minor patch, released on 25th October fixes some issues with ambient occlusion and spotlight shader path as listed in the changelog:

  • Optimized ambient occlusion effect loading for common resolutions
  • Fixed optimized spotlight shader path

Given the slow pace with which Remedy is fixing the Steam version of Quantum Break, it seems they might have lost interest in the game altogether especially considering that some of the more glaring issues such as game breaking bugs, crashes or other much needed improvements have been neglected since the launch on 29th September.

To top that off, Remedy seems to have entirely abandoned the Windows Store version of the game, probably due to challenges with DirectX 12 development, despite claiming that both Steam and Windows Store version will go hand in hand and receive updates to fix issues.

Some issues, especially frame drops on systems where specifications far exceed those initially mentioned by Remedy, are still persistent in the Windows Store version of the game which launched back in April. Both the Steam and Windows Store version are also in need for some dire SLI/Crossfire improvements.

Originally intended to be an Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break’s transition to PC hasn’t been smooth at all. The launch of the game was plagued with downloading issues, huge performance drops as well as constant crashes.

Remedy took some time to develop a massive patch for the game, weighing above 20GB, which fixed some issues and improved performance but even after that, the game was unplayable without turning on upscaling from the video options.

It is sad to see a developer as great as Remedy with amazing titles like Alan Wake and Max Payne under their belt treating their loyal customers in such a way which will only result in players losing faith in the developers.

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