Psychonauts 2 Questionable Area Collectibles Locations Guide

In this guide, we’ll let you know the locations of all the collectibles in the Questionable Area of Psychonauts 2 so you don’t miss a single thing.

Questionable Area is an explorable location in Psychonauts 2 and its entire vibe is based on an old rusty theme park. In this guide, we’ll let you know the locations of all the collectibles in the Questionable Area of Psychonauts 2 so you don’t miss a single thing

Psychonauts 2 Questionable Area Collectibles Locations

Just like other locations of the game, Questionable Area also has an abundance of collectibles in Psychonauts 2. There are 27 PSI Challenge Cards, 4 Supply Chests, PSI Challenge Markers and 4 Scavenger in total.

Most of the collectibles are on platforms and high on trees. You might also need to use various upgrades and powers to get access to the collectibles.

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PSI Challenge Cards in the Questionable Area

Challenge cards are the most abundantly available collectible in Questionable area. There are 27 cards spread across various locations.

PSI Challenge Cards Location #1

We’ll start our exploring of the cards from Lumberstack Diner and its surroundings. You can find one PSI card floating above the car just outside the Lumberstack Diner.

After that go check the Lumberstack Diner toilet you’ll find one there too. There is another card in a booth of Lumberstack Diner you can get.

Right in front of the Luberstack Diner, there is a platform at the top of the tree. You can get one from there too.

This area has still more to offer, there is a cave near Lumberstack Diner, go there punch the cracked rocks. You can get one there.

PSI Challenge Cards Location #2

Go past the Parking Lot, investigate the side of the area near the trees.

PSI Challenge Cards Location #3

Go to the Sassyclops Cave near the campfire and near a pile of bones, you’ll be easily collecting your cards from there.

PSI Challenge Cards Location #4

Take a necessary tour of the restroom area. There is one card on top of the restroom.

There is another card in treetops that you can get by following the ladder from the restroom.

PSI Challenge Cards Location #5

There is an abandoned house just past the Funicular. Investigate it to get your collectible. There is another one residing under the bridge in Fiero’s Funicular area.

There is another one which you surely want to grab on a hill, on the left side after crossing Frazie.

PSI Challenge Cards Location #6

On your way to the top of the waterfall don’t forget to check the top of the tightrope and trapeze.

PSI Challenge Cards Location #7

You can easily grab a card from the middle of the Rebel Roundabout Playground. Get another one from the tree above this location.

PSI Challenge Cards Location #8

Go to Forgetful Forest, check for the cave to the right of the entrance. Break the cracked rocks to get the collectible.

Also, check the treetops near the entrance. After that look out on the top of a hollow log near the same place.

PSI Challenge Markers in the Questionable Area

There are 7 Challenge Markers. They are comparatively rare the little more difficult to get than Challenge Cards.

You also get one Challenge Marker as a reward for finishing the side quest “Find Queepie”.

PSI Challenge Marker Location # 1

Resides in Sassyclops Cave. To get this one, take down a tapestry near the end.

PSI Challenge Marker Location # 2

At the very top in the Aquatodome. You can get there by going upward within a tent.

Another one at the top but this time right outside the Aquatodome.

PSI Challenge Marker Location #3

You can find one on a wooden platform in front of the Ladies room, in the treetops near the restrooms.

PSI Challenge Marker Location #4

Found on top of the abandoned house, after riding across the Funicular.

PSI Challenge Marker Location #5

Right on top of the Lumberstack Diner signage.

Supply Chests and Keys in the Questionable Area

Supply Chest Location #1

In the cave near the Lumberstack Diner. You need to break the cracked rocks first to get the supply chest.

Supply Chest Location #2

You need to go to the end of Sassyclops cave and from there swing onto the other platform to finally get the chest.

Supply Location #3

Explore the area near the Aquato Camp. There you need to get to the platform where the supply chest is residing.

Supply Location #4

Behind the waterfall. Once you get behind the waterfall go to the left to grab the supply chest.

Supply Chest Keys

You’ll also need the keys to supply chests. They are also spread across the area like other collectibles. There are similar number of keys and supply chests. In this case, we’ll be finding 4 of them.

You can find your first key near the abandoned house at the funicular’s top. There is a supply chest key in the treetops near the restrooms. Find your way to the platform and key will be yours.

The cave where you first enter the area, above the rail is also hiding the key in it.

Scavenger Hunt items in the Questionable Area

There are 4 Scavenger Hunt items in Questionable Area. Let’s start from Forgotten Forest. Near its entrance, on top of the funicular area you will one item (Human skull).

For the Novelty Mug item go to the Lumberjack Diner location. Locate the closet to get the item.

Next, you can find one at the top of the watermill. You can access it by using the Time Bubble to slow the watermill’s wheel, allowing you to jump on it and ride it upward. For last and the fourth item, go inside the Cave of the Sassclops.

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