Psychonauts 2 Gluttonous Goats Boss Guide

In this guide, we will tell you about Gluttonous Goats boss in Psychonauts 2 and how you can defeat them by helping Compton cook up a storm!

Psychonauts 2 has a myriad of whacky bosses and amongst them are trio of regurgitating goats. In this guide, we will tell you about Gluttonous Goats boss in Psychonauts 2 and how you can defeat them by helping Compton cook up a storm!

Psychonauts 2 Gluttonous Goats Boss

The Gluttonous Goats boss in Psychonauts 2 will be playing the role of a judging panel and your job is to gather the ingredients for Compton so he can make the dish for them.

The first dish you will need to gather ingredients for is the Vegetable Medley.

Vegetable Medley

The entire boss fight, you have to spend your time looking for the ingredients to the dish. These will be amongst the partially digested bounty which the Goats spit up.

The Goats will perform different attacks like vomiting and spitting in different patterns.

Throughout the battle and you have to dodge these attacks and look for any partially digested ingredient which you can collect so the chef can make you a dish.

You have to be careful of the vomit attacks, as they can lower your health significantly. There will be some debris you can jump onto, so you don’t have to touch the vomit.

The goats will also use ram attacks apart from their purple vomiting and spit attacks. You have to dodge all these attacks and continue to look for the ingredients for the dish as making the dish is the only way you’ll hurt the boss!

The ingredients will be displayed on screens to the right and left of the goats. Simply find the ingredient corresponding to the image and throw the respective ingredient at a hole under the image.

Once you’ve gathered enough ingredients, the dish is prepared and dropped down in front of the Goats.

You will now be attacking one of the bosses with it. Just run up and interact with it to start flailing the dish into a goat judges’ mouth.

Eventually, the boss will explode and turn into a Mixer. You’ll have depleted one third of their shared health bar; so now its onto the second dish!

Royal Borscht

The second dish you have to collect ingredients for is Royal Borscht. Just like how you collected the ingredients for the previous dish, collect the ingredients for that dish as well from the partially digested bounty and the Chef will make the Royal Borscht dish for you.

The mixer will spin and throw purple projectiles at you so watch out for that!

Once the dish is ready you have to attack the boss with this Royal Borscht and the other boss will also explode and turn into a Spatula.

Jam Tarts

The final dish you will need to collect ingredients for is jam tarts. While collecting ingredients for jam tarts, you will also need to watch out for the Spatula and Mixer. Dodge their attacks and collects ingredients from the partially digested bounty of the remaining goat.

The main ingredients for this dish will be watermelon and strawberry and few others. You will also encounter a small boss who will come out of goat vomit.  You can attack them directly till they are killed or the dish is ready.

Just collect the ingredients and once all the ingredients are collected the chef will take just a minute to finish the dish for you to serve.

When the dish is ready, quickly serve this and attack the boss with it. This time, instead of exploding, you will see that it turns out to be the hand of Compton covered in a goat costume.


Collect Health

During the whole fight, you will see small green circles with a plus sign. You have to collect all these whenever appear to fill up your health so you can survive the barrage of vomit longer.

Verify the ingredient

The ingredients will be highlighted when you can pull them out of the vomit. However, they won’t always be what you need. Make sure they’re the right ones before you pass them onto the chef.

Keep Moving and jumping

The vomit will damage can add up, but if you keep on your toes trying to avoid it and jump onto the platforms made by the derbis, you’ll avoid taking most of the damage.

This is all from our Psychonauts 2 Gluttonous Goats boss guide.

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