Psychonauts 2 Lady Luctopus Boss Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to defeat the Psychonauts 2 Lady Luctopus Boss with a detailed run-down of the boss' abilities

Psychonauts 2 pits you against some formidable foes that will test your patience with their strategic abilities. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to fight the Psychonauts 2 Lady Luctopus Boss.

Psychonauts 2 Lady Luctopus Boss

You can find Lady Luctopus near the blackjack table standing as a dealer. You will see her arms and legs covered with cards.

Dodge the Red Bulbs

To start with, Lady Luctopus will immediately throw red bulbs at you, so you can use them to attack the circular hollow points on her body. These bulbs will explode and cause a great deal of damage to you, so you need to run around and get away from them.

Circular Hollow Points

When she will stop throwing red explosive bulbs at you, throw one of them on the circular hollow points (Sockets) using the Telekinesis. In this way, you can get rid of some of the damage that she can cause easily.

Into the Lady’s Head

Now, use the mental connection to reach the opposite side of the poker chips tower. From here, you can jump to the top of the chips and attack the Lady Luctopus by firing on the top of her head.

Once her head is open, you can enter the head, and attack the heart to cause a great deal of damage. You can attack them with PSI blast or standard attack combo.

Lady Luctopus Strategy

Whenever she tries to throw bulbs at you, simply use Telekinesis to throw the bulb back at her. Repeat this again and again, in order to grapple her using the mental connection. She will come at you by throwing the red bulbs.

Also, try to maximize the use of mental connection especially when she finishes attacking you. In addition to this, she will attack you by throwing cards.

You can easily identify the cards coming at you as they glow beforehand. Once you identify them coming at you, run away to dodge them.

Luctopus might try to hit you with a little electricity as she jolts the table. Simply jump to a higher chip in order to avoid getting electrocuted.

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