Psychonauts 2 Cassie’s Collection Collectibles Locations Guide

In this guide, we will be showing you where to find all of the Psychonauts 2 Cassie's Collection Collectibles scatted in different locations

Cassie’s Collection level of Psychonauts 2 starts in a Library. There are various collectibles scattered throughout Cassie’s Collection area of Psychonauts 2 and our guide has all their locations.

Psychonauts 2 Cassie’s Collection Collectibles Locations

Below we have listed the different Psychonauts 2 Cassie’s Collection Collectibles present in the level and where they can be found.

The types of collectibles that you will find here are Figments, Memory Vaults, Half-A-Minds, Emotional Baggages, and Nuggets of Wisdom.

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  • Emotional Baggage in Cassie’s Collection

Figments in Cassie’s Collection

There are a total of 227 Figments to collect in this level, and luckily, due to the dim lighting of this specific level’s setting, you will quickly locate all of the Figments as they will be vividly glowing in the dark with different colors.

Figment Location #01

As soon as you start your journey at the Librarian’s Desk, Navigate the Library and collect glowing figments scattered all around the room.

Use your Pouncy Ball upgrade to get on top of the stack of books and then platform across to the nearest drawer to climb up.

You will find some drawers sticking in and out of the walls. These will serve as platforms for you to hop on and climb up to the figments randomly scattered at different height levels.

Next, hop on to the globe chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, and you will find more figments.

Standing on the ring of this globe will give you a better view of more figments on the ceiling of the Library.

Figment Location #02

Once you climb down, you will be able to locate a golden-colored door that will lead you to the Children’s corner. This can be opened using the slider in front of it.

Enter this room to get access to even more collectibles. You will find a bee figment on one of the shelves.

Collect this figment, and land towards your right. Here you will find a compartment with a light shining on a book.

Figment Location #03

Inside the first book, you will find 5 figments. Open it up and begin your 2D journey.

Go to the second page, and you will find a bee, climb onto the rectangular box with a fly trapped inside and then climb onto the word ‘Olim Vespa’.

From this point, climb up to the word ‘Alvarium’ and make your way to the bee figment. The bee will move to the previous page, jump onto the ‘Consilium Apum’ title and grab the bee figment.

Figment Location #04

Enter the door that leads you to the Teacher’s Domain with the help of your Archetype, and you’ll easily spot different figments as they will be glowing in the soft lighting of the Library.

You will find 22 Figments in this area. Now, you’ll find a pile of books that will help you climb up to a higher platform, where you will find yet another door leading you to the second book.

Figment Location #05

Inside the second book, you’ll find a total of 7 Figments. Open it up and jump on the scribbles to make your way to the bee figment.

Figment Location #06

Deep inside the Teacher’s Domain, you will jump over some floating books to collect a total of 8 figments floating around.

Please beware of the 2D windmills on the open pages of several books, as they can hurt you.

Instead, connect to the thoughts hanging in the air to reach the Figments placed at the very high spots in the Library.

Figment Location #07

In the deep corner of the Librarian’s Desk, you’ll be able to climb up and collect a total of 13 scattered figments in this area using floating books and drawers around you as platforms.

As you collect figments and progress to different heights in one of these platforms, you will come across the third book, which will send you on another 2D adventure to collect more figments.

Figment Location #08

Inside the third book, you will find a total of 5 Figments. Open this book and climb up the lines towards the right to make your way to the bee figment.

Figment Location #09

At the Waterfront, you will collect 12 total Figments. You will be able to locate several Figments on the path ahead of you, leading to a bigger green-colored Boat Figment.

After collecting this figment, hop onto the book pile in the center of the port, and you’ll get a better view of all the Figments around you.

Figment Location #10

You will find a total of 16 Figments in exhibit C of Waterfront. From the starting point of this exhibit, you will find yourself balancing on a rope and making your way to the platform with a locked door.

Once again, your Archetype will come to the rescue and open it up for you. Use the boxes lying ahead of you to swim through the swamp and collect all the Figments.

Next, you’ll find an entrance with a black and white sketched door. Enter it, and you will find yourself inside a Book. Make your way to the top and collect all the Figments inside this book.

You might have to flip through pages and collect all the Figments. You will receive an upgrade, and now you can head onto the Exhibit A of Waterfront using the green line to slide down.

Figment Location #11

Exhibit A consists of 39 total Figments. In this area, you’ll find different Figments scattered around on the carved book island and other origami floating on the water.

You can use the boats made out of paper to float on water and collect Figments in the nooks and crannies of this swamp.

You’ll find an ‘efg’ Figment hanging around next to a paper wall tunnel with a locked door, and your Archetype will open up this door for you and let you inside.

Head on inside, and you will find the remaining Figments. Now get out of this tunnel using a ladder, and on the roof, you will find some more Figments.

Figment Location #12

You’ll find another door towards your right. This will lead you to yet another book that will help you discover a good amount of remaining figments in this section of the game.

Next, climb up to the platform above you on the right side this will lead you to some more Figments.

When you’re done collecting all the Figments in this area, you can use the blue line to slide down towards Exhibit B of Waterfront.

Figment Location #13

In exhibit B of Waterfront, you will find 38 total Figments. Navigate through this area, and you will be able to spot Figments floating on paper boats and different platforms around you.

Figment Location #14

This final area consists of 5 total Figments. Climb up to the globe hanging in the middle of the ceiling by using the ropes and drawers.

Collect the remaining few Figments that you will discover hanging at the Library’s top, and now you’re good to go.

Nuggets of Wisdom in Cassie’s Collection

There are a total of 4 Nuggets of Wisdom in this level.

Nuggets of Wisdom #01

At the very start, inside the Librarian’s Desk, hop onto the chandelier hanging in the middle of the ceiling, stand on it, and you will be able to spot a Nugget inside one of the compartments in the wall.

Nuggets of Wisdom #02

After collecting the Suitcase Tag, deep inside the Teacher’s Domain, connect to the thoughts hanging in the air and avoid the 2D spinning windmill on one of the floating book platforms.

You will find this golden-colored Nugget hidden in a brown compartment on a wall towards your right.

Nuggets of Wisdom #03

In Exhibit C of Wavefront, right after exiting the door to the fifth book, you will find a Nugget of Wisdom waiting for you outside.

Nuggets of Wisdom #04

Inside Exhibit B of Waterfront, after collecting evidence behind the door in the fish market. Head down back towards the starting point, look down, and you will see a Nugget of Wisdom on a book beneath you.

Half-A-Minds in Cassie’s Collection

There are two Half-A-Minds to collect at this level.

Half-A-Mind #01

Inside the Children’s Corner, you will find it near the first interactable book behind the door. Your Archetype will help you access this collectible.

Half-A-Mind #02

Deep inside the Librarian’s Desk, inside the Literature Lane, which your Archetype will open up for you, you will find the second Half-A-Mind.

Memory Vaults in Cassie’s Collection

There are a total of 2 Memory Vault collectibles in this level.

Memory Vault #01

Deep inside the Teacher’s Domain, from the starting point of this location, turn towards your left, and there it will be, the first Memory Vault named ‘Casie’s Escape Plan’.

Memory Vault #02

After collecting the evidence from the tower at the left side of Waterfront Exhibit A, move towards your left, and you will spot a red figment, collect the figment and climb on top of the book tower to find the ‘Protect the Queen’ Memory Vault.

Emotional Baggages in Cassie’s Collection

You’ll find 5 emotional baggage collectibles in Cassie’s Collection level.

Purse Tag

Inside the Teacher’s Domain, you’ll find two piles of books right in front of you with Figments sitting on top of them. Climb on to these, and you’ll reach a higher platform where you’ll find a purse tag near the locked door.


In the same area, on a platform with cut-outs of a horse and a dragon facing each other, you’ll be able to hear a purse weeping. Tag the purse!

Suitcase Tag

Deep inside the teacher’s domain, use the windmill to elevate yourself up in the air, and on the second pillar to your right, you’ll find the suitcase tag.


At the very start of the level, you’ll hear a suitcase weeping, just on your right you will find the suitcase sitting on top of a pile of books.

Hatbox Tag

At Exhibit C of Waterfront, towards the right side of a black and white door, you’ll find a Hatbox Tag.


At Exhibit B of Waterfront, sail on a paper boat, and you’ll find a Hatbox sitting on top of a book.

Dufflebag Tag

In Exhibit A of Waterfront, on the tower at the left side of the map, you’ll find a duffle bag Tag locked inside a door that your Archetype can open up for you.


Head back down to your starting point after collecting the Memory Vault, and you’ll find a weeping Dufflebag on the port.

Steamer Trunk Tag

In the Waterfront Exhibit B, stop before heading to the fish market and platform across the bookmarks to collect the Tag.

Steamer Trunk

In the Librarian’s Desk, hop on to the globe light on the ceiling and use your Pouncy ball upgrade to levitate. Hop on to the stack of books with the emotional baggage.

Next, send your Archetype down to pull the lever on the ground. This will raise the globe and allow you to reach closer to the ceiling, jump onto the walkway, and circle around it to spot the Steamer Trunk

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