Half Hour Of Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay Showcases Missions, Locations

A half-hour of Watch Dogs Legion gameplay showcases a few missions and new locations in London, where this entry in the series will be taking place.

Watch Dogs Legion, the third entry in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series of open-world cybercrime games, will be coming out in March of this year. We also now have a full half-hour of Watch Dogs Legion gameplay that shows off not only various locations, but also a number of missions too.

Watch Dogs Legion changes locations from the previous two Watch Dogs games, taking us out of the United States and to England (specifically London), where an oppressive government has taken power and overturned many civil liberties. DedSec’s membership has exploded, and now players can take control of any character that’s part of the organization, which can be literally anyone on the street.

The Watch Dogs Legion gameplay that we see in the video takes us to a few different areas in London, some that we’ve seen like Trafalgar Square and the Scotland Yard headquarters, and one that we haven’t seen, in this case Camden Town.

Unlike in places like Trafalgar Square and Westminster, which are much more traditional and dignified, Camden Town is much different, being a great deal more modern, with many well-lit storefronts including a tattoo parlor with a gigantic holographic scorpion protruding from its front over the street.

Alongside the various locations we saw, we also get a look at various classes that your different DedSec operatives can include. This includes the more combat-focused Assault class, the sneaking Infiltrator class (which can also hide bodies from guards with the Shroud ability), and others.

You can actually see the half-hours’ worth of Watch Dogs Legion gameplay by following this link. The game itself will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on March 6 of this year, so if you’re a Watch Dogs fan, you don’t have very much longer to wait before the game comes out.

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