Psychonauts 2 Cassie’s Collection Walkthrough

In this guide, we'll be showing you a Psychonauts 2 Cassie’s Collection Walkthrough and how to defeat the Die-Brarian boss in the mission

Razputin is on a mission with Ford to go back to where the Psychonauts first met and operate the Astalathe. This is the objective of the 12th mission in Psychonauts 2, which will be covered in our Psychonauts 2 Cassie’s Collection walkthrough.

Psychonauts 2 Cassie’s Collection

Once you’ve completed the Tomb of the Sharkophagus, you’ll be moving forward to meet with Ford for your next main mission; Cassie’s Collection in Psychonauts 2.

Cassie’s Collection starts off when you meet with Ford near the compound. Follow Ford to where Nona is. A cutscene will begin where Ford will ask you to turn on the Astalathe.

Turn On the Astalathe

Make your way towards the Astalathe. The Astalathe will be covered with giant branches of trees and angry bees that will stop you from going anywhere near it.

Meet with Cassie

Go back outside and follow the honey trail towards Cassie’s home. Cassie will agree to help you get rid of the plants and the bees near the Astalathe but, the Queen will not let Cassie talk to you.

Enter Cassie’s Mind

After the cutscene, go to Cassie and ask her if you can go inside her mind. She will gladly allow you to do so. So, jump on inside her head to begin the next objective.

This is where you will meet the nerdy version of Cassie, who is a writer herself. She will be happy to help you with the bees issue.

But, the book that has the solution, will be locked up by the Librarian Cassie. You will need to Help the Librarian Cassie with some tasks to get access to the Cassie book.

You need to find two books for the Librarian, in order to complete her collection. So, let us start by looking for the first book.

First Book

To find the first book, make your way towards the Children’s Corner.

A short fight will take place where you will face a new enemy type called Enabler. It will protect the other enemies with a shield. Defeat the Enabler first to kill the other enemies.

A bookshelf will open now where you will find and enter inside a book. Go through the 2D platform to enter the next area. You will meet with Teacher Cassie here.

She will teach you how to create a paper form of yourself using the Projection PSI power. You can use the paper version of yourself, called Archetype, to get behind areas where you cannot squeeze through.

Use the Projection power to go through the locked door. Command the Archetype again to turn the switch. More enemies will spawn in the next room. Defeat them to get access to the next area.

Unlock the gate to interact with the book. You will be now inside a book again.

Go through the 2D platforms to access the next area. More enemies will spawn in front of you. Defeat them to meet with Teacher Cassie again.

She will give you a book that you can give to the Librarian Cassie. Once the first book has been delivered, talk to Librarian Cassie again to start searching for the second book.

Second Book

Make your way towards Literature Lane to begin looking for the second book. Go up the platforms until you reach a book. Interact with the book to start the 2D platform sequence.

At the end of the sequence, you will meet Counterfeiter Cassie. She needs three pieces of evidence to bust out of there. Raz will help her by looking for the clues himself to get the second book.

Look for the First Evidence

You will now be on Waterfront. Talk to the Snake Cop in front of you to get some knowledge about the evidence. Go towards the right and up the platforms.

Go through the door to enter another 2D sequence. Go through the pages by jumping between the letters. At the end, page will be the first evidence that you can collect.

Get the evidence and interact with the door on the page to get out of the book. Now, jump on the slime trail and go towards the leftmost track. This will be the path that leads towards the second evidence.

Look for the Second Evidence

Jump on top of the paper boats to get moving towards the objective. Go inside the path that is leading towards the evidence. You will now face more enemies. Defeat them and go through the door to enter the 2D sequence.

Get on top of the platforms and then towards the second page.

Drop down below and go back towards the previous page to get the evidence. Now, drop down below and go back towards the door to exit the book.

Once back outside, get on top of the purple slime trail to go back at the start.

Look for the Third Evidence

Jump on top of the boats to get to the next area. Climb up the ladder and go through the platforms.

You will face more enemies when you reach the area where the last evidence is. Defeat the enemies and go through the door for the final evidence.

Time to go through another 2D sequence. Move towards the second page and back to get the evidence. Now go back towards the door to exit the 2D sequence with the piece of evidence.

How to Defeat Die-Brarian Boss

Back outside, go on top of the slime trail and through the door to give all of the pieces of evidence to Counterfeit Cassie. She will now agree to come with you.

Give the second back to Librarian Cassie to get help with the bees. She will backstab you and lock you up with all three of the Cassie books. You will now face Librarian Cassie boss, Die-Brarian, in a boss fight.

We have already written a guide on how to defeat Die-Brarian Boss. After the boss fight, Cassie will show up and get rid of the bees from the Astalathe.