Pokemon X and Y Pokemon-Amie Affection and Bonding Guide

How to raise affection and bonding with your favorite Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y. Tips to level up the Pokemon so they perform better in game.

One of the biggest highlight of Pokemon X and Y is the introduction of Pokemon-Amie which allows players to pet their 3D Pokemon.

Carefully catering to your Pokemon-Amie can affect your Pokemon in different ways. The Bonding and Affection can also change the gameplay. All you need to do is to see Pokemon X and Y Pokedex and choose a Pokemon to get started.

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Pokemon X and Y – Raising Affection and Bonding

As I have mentioned earlier that Pokemon which are well-bonded will perform well during the game. They will not only yield more damage to the enemies but will also evade attacks more often. Furthermore, these Pokemon obtain bonus XP for leveling up.

Note: There are certain Pokemon which only evolve from Bonding and Affection.

The only thing you should worry about is to develop Bonding with your Pokemon to make it perform better!

Choosing a Pokemon
The first thing that you need to do is to select the Pokemon you want to develop Bonding with! It can be done by selecting the Pokemon from the bottom of your screen and then hitting ‘Switch’.

Once you hit the ‘Switch’, you will see three stats namely; Affection, Fullness, and Enjoyment. These three stats can be developed from one to five (Five being the highest one).

Out of these three; Affection holds the most significance as it is directly related to Bonding. It is advised that you always keep an eye out on these stats to see where you Pokemon stand!

How to Raise the Affection
In order to raise the Affection of your Pokemon, just tap on it and then on ‘Play’. Once done that; you will see your Pokemon on your screen. Each time the Affection is raised, they will call out their name and you will see hearts above your Pokemon’s head.

However, each Pokemon has different things which make them happy. So; make sure you try out different thing and try NOT to make them angry. In some cases, you can also talk to your Pokemon to increase the Affection level but it is not that fast!

How to Raise Fullness
Feeding your Pokemon with Poke Puffs is sure to increase their Fullness. You will notice a sparkle near the belly of your Pokemon once they are hungry so that you can select something from the list and feed them.

Once your Pokemon is full, you will be able to play with them until they are hungry again. Along with that; you will notice when you Pokemon is hungry or full!

How to Raise Enjoyment
You will get notified when your Pokemon will stop producing hearts; thus, indicating that you need to play with them. You can play with your Pokemon in a number of ways via mini-games like Tile Puzzle; Head it, and Berry Picker.

These mini-games NOT only allow you to unlock new levels and raise the Enjoyment but you will also earn Poke Puffs which is essential to raise Fullness when your Pokemon goes hungry.

Note: Fullness will get lower with the passage of time when you start playing with your Pokemon. You should also consider changing your Pokemon from time to time to raise the attributes of all of them.

Finally, when leveling up to the fifth time i.e. the final level; your Pokemon will need to level up twice in order to reach the final level.

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