Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Roto Loto Guide

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Roto Loto Guide to help you learn all about Roto Loto in Pokemon USAUM to unlock different bonuses and boosts.

In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Roto Loto Guide, we will guide on the Roto Loto feature in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon has many new features and one of such features is the Roto Loto, which has different options for you that you use to affect the game in different ways.

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Plenty of things depend on your friendship with Rotom so you need to focus on being on his good side. He’ll give you new items and much more.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Roto Loto

Ultra Sun and Moon Roto Loto Guide details everything that you need to know about Roto Loto.

How to Use Roto Loto, How to Get Rotom Friendship

Roto Loto is the new feature added in Ultra Sun and Moon. You can talk with Rotom Dex to find which options you have access to. You unlock more and more special items and battle boosts as you progress in the game.

This is also dependent on your friendship with the Rotom Dex. There are different options that you can get access in Roto Loto. We have detailed them below.

How to Hatch Roto Eggs

When you collect eggs on your journey, you must walk a certain number of steps before they hatch. Every egg has their own specific number of eggs. When you have Roto Hatch, the number of steps required for hatching an egg is greatly reduced and you can hatch eggs easily and quickly.

Roto Prize Money
When you win battles, you earn money. When you have Roto Prize Money unlocked, you will earn more money after every battle you win. In short, it Increases the amount of money you gain three times, after you’ve won a battle.

Roto Xp. Points
Every battle will give you Exp. points. With this unlocked, you will earn more Exp. points when you complete or win a battle.

Roto Encounter
You encounter many wild Pokémon on your journey but very seldom, you come across a high-level Pokémon. With this unlocked, your chances of encountering a high-level Pokémon in the wild is greatly improved as this power gives a higher possibility of coming across wild Pokemon.

Roto Friendship
When you capture a Pokémon, you must make it your friend by using it more and winning battles and taking care of it.

With this equipped, it becomes very easy for you to make them your friends which makes them easy to control in battles as this power boosts the rate at which the pokemon becomes friendly. This Power is really useful for those Pokemon who evolve through friendship.

Roto Bargain
With this unlocked, you will get a discount on every item available to buy in different shops across the world of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

HP Restore
This will restore the HP of your Pokémon when it is low.

Roto Boost
When you are in the heat of a Pokémon battle, this option will boost all the stats of your Pokémon to make it easier to win the battle.

Roto Stealth 
This option intercepts the encounters for set time frame.

Roto Hatch
It reduces the required number of steps to hatch an egg.

Roto Catch
This option makes it easier to capture Pokémon.

Roto PP Restore
This will Restore the PP for the moves of the active Pokémon.

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