Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Rare Candies Locations

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Rare Candy Guide to help you get rare candies in Ultra Sun, and how to get rare candies in Ultra Moon.

The Rare Candy is an item almost as old as the Pokemon series itself. It has quite a few uses so this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Rare Candy Guide will tell you about all of them. It will also tell you where you can easily find rare candy so that you do not have to waste time searching for it tirelessly.

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The following article will help you figure out where to find rare candies in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Rare candies in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon allow the player to raise Pokemon levels. Candies are found at different locations. For more information about rare candies and where to find them, check out the article below.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Rare Candies Location

So you wish to know how to get rare candies in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Rare Candies are quite rare as the name suggests, and their primary function is to raise the level of a Pokemon by one.

This can be very useful if you are trying to teach your Pokemon new moves or if you are trying to evolve it.

These candies should be used very wisely as they are not readily available and cannot be purchased from the shop.

These candies can also be sold for a very high amount of price. A single piece of Rare Candy can go for around 5000 to 6000 Pokedollars.

However, we will recommend you not to sell them since their actual use in your inventory outweighs the monetary benefit that you will get from selling them.

How to Get Rare Candy in Ultra Sun, How to Get Rare Candies in Ultra Moon
There are many ways including farming through which you can get these candies. The first one is to win over 20 times in the Battle Tree.

You will get a candy from the receptionist if you win 20 times. But you should always be prepared to face the challenge of the Battle Tree since it can take its toll on even the strongest of teams.

You can also get Rare Candies by spending BP. A single piece of candy costs 48 BP and can be purchased from the receptionist which sits towards the left side of the Battle Tree lobby.

Lastly, you can capture an Alolan Meowth which can pick up things when a battle ends. The rate of you acquiring the Rare Candy increases exponentially after your Meowth reaches Level 51.

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