Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokemon-type Null Guide – Capture, Evolve, Moves, Weaknesses

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokemon-type Null Guide to help you capture Pokemon-type Null, Understand type-Null Moves and weaknesses.

In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokemon-type Null Guide, we will guide you on how you can catch Type Null Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Null type is a special type of Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon and we have the details about capturing them in this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, the way of acquiring a Null Pokemon has changed and we have detailed it below.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokemon-type Null Locations, Moves, Evolution

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Pokemon-type Null Guide detail everything that you need to know about Null Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Type-Null Pokemon

Type-null is Normal-type Legendary Pokemon that is new to the Generation VII in the USAUM. It is a phoenix-type creature, genetically engineered and crafted out of traits from different Pokemon.

Its head is covered with a helmet-like object that was made to suppress its unfathomable power. The helmet has protrusion over the jaw area that stretches the back of the head with round hinges on both sides covering the ears. These hinges having green engravings shaped like a cross. Inside the helmet, through the holes, small grey bewitching eyes are visible. Over the helmet, a sharp ax-shaped projection points to its tale. A mane seemingly originating from that ax follows down its neck and cover all sides of its neck. The front two feet are bug-like and the tail imitates a fin from a fish-type Pokemon.

The Pokemon evolves in Sivally that is also a Legendary Pokemon. however, this transformation can only be achieved by increasing its happiness.


Silvally is the evolved form of the Null-type. It is also a Normal-type legendary Pokemon with a much more radiant and beautiful outlook than its predecessor.

This evolution, however, can only be made possible by maxing out its happiness. This transformation is nearly identical to its pre-evolution form. The difference is that the metal helmet is removed and the eagle-like face with a lustrous metallic snout is revealed. Its fur changes from grey to silver adding to the magnificence of the creature.

How to Capture Pokemon-Type Null

To capture a type-Null Pokemon you need first to have ended the main story-line, beat the elite four and become the champion. After having done so, you need to Aether’s Paradise on Poni Island. Proceed inside and you will see a find yourself inside a white room and from there on you need to climb up to the second floor of the building through the elevator in the middle of the room. The elevator is right in front of the entrance, a triangle shaped enclosing that has the control box on the far corner. Mingle with it to proceed to the Conservation Area.

You must also be on the Ultra Beast mission. Once these conditions are met, when you reach the entrance of the Poni Grove a cutscene will start. Gladeon will chat with you for a while and then offer you the type-null, “not as an apology or a gift”.

Important Note: now the thing is that the Type-null that Gladeon offers is of varying type. Each one is different in every turn. For instance, one might be of a Jolly Nature and have high sp. speed and speed stat, while another would have a Rude nature corresponding to high attack and ap. attack stat. So, before you proceed to talk to Gladeon, make sure you save the game as the type-null you get might not be the one you would prefer. This way if you do not get a Pokemon of your preference, you can soft-reset and get another one.

Make sure you have beaten the Pokemon League and started the Ultra Beast mission before coming here otherwise the cutscene will not start.

How to Evolve Pokemon-type Null into Silvally

You will be surprised the happiness of Pokemon and how important is its overall relationship with you, most of the Pokemon evolutions are dependent on your relationship with your Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon and its happiness at the time, and Pokemon-type Null is no different, so in order to evolve Pokemon-type Null into Silvally, you will need to raise its happiness levels.

The question how to raise Pokemon-type Null happiness is answered in-depth in this video which will also help you evolve it into Silvally:

Pokemon-type Null Moves

Tackle Normal Phy 40 100 35
Rage Normal Phy 20 100 20
Pursuit Dark Phy 40 100 20
Imprison Dark Stat 10
Aerial Ace Flying Phy 60 20
Crush Claw Normal Phy 75 95 10
Scary Face Normal Stat 100 10
X-Scissor Bug Phy 80 100 15
Take Down Normal Phy 90 85 20
Metal Sound Steel Stat 85 40
Iron Head Steel Phy 80 100 15
Double Hit Normal Phy 35 90 10
Air Slash Flying Phy 75 95 15
Punishment Dark Phy ?? 100 5
Razor Wind Normal Spec 80 100 10
Tri Attack Normal Spec 80 100 10
Double-Edge Normal Phy 120 100 15
Heal Block Psychic Stat 100 15

Pokemon-type Null Weaknesses

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, Pokemon-type Null is:

Immune to:

  • Ghost x0

Weak In:

  • Fighting x2

Is okay when it comes to:

  • Fire x1
  • Water x1
  • Electric x1
  • Grass x1
  • Ice x1
  • Poison x1
  • Ground x1
  • Flying x1
  • Psychic x1
  • Bug x1

This concludes our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Null Pokemon Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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