Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Melemele Island Trials Guide – Hau’oli Outskirts, Iki Town, Route 1

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Melemele Island Trials Guide will help you with the beginning of the game so that you may familiarize with the game mechanics as fast as possible.

Pokemon USAUM is the latest entry in the Pokemon franchise. While the game comes only a year after the launch of Sun and Moon but is not a sequel to it. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Melemele Island Trials Guide will guide through the opening of the game.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Melemele Island Trials Guide

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Melemele Island Trials

As the game starts you will have to choose your starter Pokemon which will be one of the Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. Then Professor Kukui will tell you to go to Island Kahuna and make your way to Route 1 to go to Iki Town. However, before you get to the entrance you will be challenged by Trainer Hau and Hau will have a Pokemon weaker than yours so it won’t be difficult to defeat him.

Once the battle is over, go to Iki Town. After the festival, Lillie will come to your house to accompany you to the Pokemon Research Lab. As you reach the Research Lab, make your way through the tall grass and you will encounter Youngster Kevin who is a Pokemon trainer.

After the battle is done, make your way through the grass and follow the path until you get ot the beach and you will fight another Pokemon trainer, Lass Madison.

Make your way back to the Research Lab and enter it. Here, Professor Kukui will upgrade your Pokedex to a Rotom Pokedex. Follow the flog on your Rotom Pokedex to the Pokemon Center and get aboard the Trainers’ School.

Iki Town
As you get to the Iki Town you will find out that The Kahuna is nowhere o be found and Professor Kukui will point you to the ruins and will also suggest you intoroduce yourself to Tapu Koko.

Take the Mahalo Trail which will lead you to the Ruins of Conflict. Keep going down the mahalo Trail until a cutscene is triggered. Lillie will ask you to escort her back to Iki town and as you return Kahula Hala will have returned. Professor Kukui will grant you a Pokedex and a Trainer Passport.

Hala will ask for the Sparkling Stone and will also invite you to the festival and then Professor will take you home and the next day he will take you to the festival, however, before you go to the festival he will take you to Route 1 to the teach the basics of a Pokemon Trainer.

After that, return to Iki Town and Kahuna Hala will heal the team and will be asked to battle Hau. The battle will not be difficult as Hau will always the Pokemon weaker than yours. After the battle, the professor will take you home.

Route 1
Follow Professor and he will teach you how to catch Pokemon. Go back home and rest as you have to go through the Route 1 to Iki Town. As you make your way through Route 1 you will notice an item to the right which seems to be a Pokeball and it actually a Pokeball.

You will encounter Lass Audrey, Youngster Jimmy, and Preschooler Oliver along the way. As you reach the entrance of the Iki Town you will meet a duo who will be talking about the “Blinding One”. They will not talk to you, just enter the town.

That is all for our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Melemele Island Trials Guide with tips on where to go in order to progress with the story.

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