Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Gift Pokemon Guide

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Gift Pokemon Guide to help you learn all about finding all the available Pokemon in Pokemon USAUM.

There are a lot of Pokemon in the new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon that you cannot acquire through standard means and must be acquired through gifts from benevolent benefactors. Our Gift Pokemon Guide will give you the location of all of the gift Pokemon that can be attained in the new game.

For more help on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you can refer to our Ultra Wormholes Guide, Best Starter Pokemon Guide, and Totem Stickers Locations Guide.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Gift Pokemon

Rowlett, Litten, Popplio
They are found on Route 1. These are the starter Pokemon and are given to you when you are ambushed by a wild Yungoos. You will be asked to choose one of them by Professor Kukui.

This is found on the Paniola Ranch. You will be given an egg the first time you go to the Pokemon Nursery. This egg will hatch into Eevee.

Found in Aether House after you defeat the Elite Four. Find an employee in the backroom of the house on Route 15 and you will be given Porygon by the employee in the back room as a thank you gift for saving Alola.

Get to Seafolk Village and speak to the Ace Trainer in the Huntail boat to acquire Aerodactyl.

Find Pikachu in Heahea City after defeating all four of the high scores in Mantine Surf. Go to Surfing Association office in Heahea City and speak to the man. He will give you Pikachu, this one is a special Pikachu who knows the surf move.

This is the first Ultra Beast and is found in Ultra Megalopolis. Defeat the Ultra Necrozma to get this Pokemon from the Ultra Recon Squad, it will evolve into an Ultra Beast, Naganadel.

This is found in Aether paradise or Ancient Poni Path after defeating the Elite Four. Defeat Wicke when helping the Ultra Recon Squad to get the Pokemon. You will get a Memory Disk along with it, that you can use when it evolves to Silvally.

Find this on Route 16 after defeating the Elite Four. See Dexio and Sina and will give you the Zygarde Cube along with Zygarde if you defeat Dexio in battle. You will be able to assemble one Zygarde with Power construct.

Gumshoos, Raticate
Collect twenty Totem stickers to be called to Heahea Beach and when you have collected 20 stickers you will be called by Samson Oak at Heahea beach and be given a Totem Sized Pokemon which will be either Gumshoos or Raticate.

Marowak, Araquanid
Similar to before, except that you require forty stickers to get one of the aforementioned Pokemon.

Lurantis, Salazzle
You know the drill by now! You need to collect 50 Totem Stickers and then head on over to the Heahea Beach to collect one of this Pokemon.

Vikavolt, Togedemaru
Some more Totem sized Pokemon, these are given to you when you have 70 Totem Stickers.

This Totem is found at 80 Totem Stickers, similar drill to the previous few!

Ribombee, Kommo-o
These Pokemon will only be unlocked after you have collected all 100 of the Totem Stickers. Good luck finding them all! You can check out our Totem Stickers Locations Guide attached above for more information.

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