Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Breeding and Hatching Guide

Breeding and Hatching are integral parts of the new Pokemon game. However, there are a lot of intricacies that go into the system and they can be quite difficult to understand. This Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Breeding and Hatching Guide is your one-stop shop for all that you could need to know about eggs, breeding and hatching Pokemon.

So read on to find out everything from what are the factors which go into breeding good Pokemon to what the different types of eggs mean.

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There are plenty of things you should be doing instead of wasting time hatching eggs. So here we are with the our “how to hatch eggs fast” in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. The following article will discuss hatching faster in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Breeding and Hatching

In this Pokemon USAM Breeding and Hatching Guide, we take a look at Eggs, hatching and breeding techniques.

However, before we dive into breeding and hatching Pokemon and their eggs, you need first of all to know the whats and whatnots of Pokemon breeding and egg hatching. The following are some basic yet important tips to know about Pokemon breeding and egg hatching.

  • Legendary Pokemon do not breed. It is a well-known fact that Legendary Pokemon cannot be breed. If they could, I guess they would not have been so Legendary. This is because legendary Pokemon do not usually have an identifiable or known gender. Some, however, like Manaphy do breed. But the outcome is always the same baby Pokemon Phione.
  • Ditto can breed at all. Ditto the infamous shape-shifting Pokemon has the astounding ability to breed with any and every species of Pokemon. it is anticipated that this ability is the outcome of its shape-shifting as it can take the form of any Pokemon and imitate its abilities as well, possibly their sex and genome as well. It is also estranging to know that ditto cannot reproduce in their own kind. Even if two ditto are bred together in the daycare, you will not get a baby ditto.
  • Pokemon from a different trainer will breed faster. If you have a Pokemon that you have traded quite recently from another trainer, it will produce an egg faster than it would with another Pokemon of your party.
  • Pokemon are bred in the Pokemon Nursery. On Akala Island in Paniola Town, you will find the Pokemon Nursery. There you can leave your Pokemon with the nurse at the DayCare. She will also tell you the time that you will have an egg. It is not in numerical figures but she will say something as to give you hint, so you can guess how long it will take or will they even breed at all.
  • There are about 15 egg groups. Egg groups are essentially breeding groups for Pokemon. Such that, only the Pokemon belonging to the same egg group can interbreed. If you put together, Pokemon of different egg groups, they will not breed. Having Pokemon of same species as well can be an adding factor to the speed at which they produce egg.
  • Hidden abilities get inherited. Hidden abilities possessed by the parent Pokemon also get passed on to their offspring along with the genome. However, it is said that only the hidden abilities possessed by the female parent are transferred to the baby Pokemon. so you need to trade for abler female Pokemon to have a stronger egg.
  • Eggs hatch with footsteps. After obtaining the egg, the foremost purpose of having it is hatching it to obtain the baby Pokemon. And as far as the daycare goes, they only help you with breeding and not hatching the egg. This process is related to your distance traveled, more accurately though, the number of steps you take counts.
  • Luckily, we have a short-cut for that too. It was observed that the step was taken on your travel Pokemon such as Taurus and Lapras- but not Charizard, count as well. So you can run around on your Taurus or run circles ina barn to quickly hatch the egg.
  • Pokémon’s with Magma Armor or Flame Body Abilities decrease the number of steps to half.

Nursery – Hatch Eggs
Leaving you Pokemon in the nursery will result in an egg if they are in the same egg group and have different genders or one of the Pokemon is Ditto, which can breed with literally any gender and egg group.

Having Pokemon of the same species but different trainers result in the best chance of obtaining an egg. Pokemon of the same species and same trainer will result in the next best chance.

Pokemon of different species will have a low chance of mating regardless of the trainer and different Egg Groups or same gender will result in having a 0 percent chance of you acquiring an egg. Having an Oval Charm will also increase the chance of you getting an egg.

Hatching an Egg – How to Hatch Egg Faster
Each Pokemon has a set number of steps after which they will hatch from the egg. The Pokemon that hatches will depend on the parents and the gender of the parents.

Remember that if you are using Taurus or Lapras, it will still count as moving and the egg will still hatch.

Lastly, it is best to remember that in regions such as Alolan, the child will be normal if the female is normal and is holding an Everstone.

Not having the Everstone or the female Pokemon being Alolan will generally result in the offspring being Alolan as well.

Best Breeding Techniques
Remember that the offspring will only attain hidden abilities if the female parent or a ditto has hidden abilities.

Also, remember that level up moves which are learned by parents can also be passed down to their children apart from the TM moves. If there are more than five moves, then moves from the father take priority over moves from the mother.

Nature can be random from one of the 25 that exist in the game. However, possessing an Everstone will ensure that the nature of that particular parent will be passed down to the child.

Apart from this, if the parent possesses a Power Item, then the Individual Value of that parent will be passed down rather than the default way which makes the inherited IV random.

Offspring also inherit similar balls as their parent. If you have a ditto, then the ball of the other partner will be inherited. Remember that Master balls and cherish balls will not be inherited by the children under any circumstance.

There is also another technique known as Chain Breeding where you breed one pokemon with the second one and then breed second one with the third one.

The main purpose of this technique is to breed two Pokémon’s that cannot breed directly.

That way the egg produced the third pokemon can learn a move only A can do. Skitty, Togetic and Plusle can produce an egg using this technique.

Lastly, Pokemon which are of different species will pass down the species of the female parent. In the case of Ditto, however, Ditto’s partner’s species will be passed down to the offspring.

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