Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Heart Scales Farming Guide

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Heart Scales Farming guide to help you learn how to get Pokemon Heart Scales, where to get them, which restaurants to eat at.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Heart Scales Farming guide to help you learn all about farming Heart Scales that allow your Pokemon to learn new and forgotten moves. Heart Scales in Pokemon USAUM are not easy to come by but with these Heart Scale farming tips, you should be able to acquire some with relative ease.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Heart Scales Farming

There are several ways you can get Pokemon Heart Scales, you can either get them by eating at a restaurant or farm them through Luvdisc. We talk in detail how you can get heart scales at restaurants or farm them by stealing from luvdisc.

In this Heart Scales Farming Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about farming Heart Scales in Pokemon USAUM.

The Heart Scale is an item introduced in Generation III of the Pokemon series.

It is a colorful heart-shaped item, sometimes held by wild Luvdiscs, that has the ability to remind lost moves to your Pokemon or even teach them moves they are yet to learn.

The Heart Scales are extremely rare, so much so that you would be lucky to find one. The following are a few places where you have a chance of finding a Heart Scale:

Ancient Poni Path is a location in the center of the Vast Poni Canyon in the north, Poni breaker coast in the south and Poni Wilds in the west.

Here at Hapu’s house, you can obtain the Heart scale from his grandmother after you find the picture she asks for in the Malie Library.

Hano Beach is located on Akala Island on east-side of the Hano Grand Resort. There in the north of the beach, you will find Heart Scales probably in one of the two locations or maybe even both.

One will be along the high-tide line, north-east of the trainer tip sign. The other one will be just behind the northmost umbrella. Both of these Heart Scales regenerate timely and are hidden one way or another.

Vast Poni Canyon is a location on Poni Island somewhere between the Ancient Poni Path and the Altar of the Sunne/Moone. It is also the natural trial site where players battle Hapu and also where you encounter Mina.

Heart scales here can be found that are dropped by Pokemon from flying shadows.

Fishing is also a viable yet slow method of obtaining Heart Scales. Paniola town, Brooklet Hills and Akala Outskirts as well as Routes 7, 8, and 9 are most suitable for fishing and hold promising prospects for catching a Heart Scale.

You can also fish for Luvdisc as they have a chance of having a Heart Scale held with them. The chance is a 50/50.

They are found on the routes 7, 8, and 9, with a greater chance of catching one on route 9, hence increases the chance of getting the Heart Scale.

Restaurants in Konikoni City and Seafolk Village and the Sushi High Roller in Malie City have good prospects of giving you a Heart Scale if you dine in one of these restaurants.

You get one Heart Scale for a P500 meal at Seafolk Village, two for a P1040 meal at Konikoni city and four Heart Scales for a P4000 meal at Maile city. You can also have a visitor.

Haunted Houses at the Festival Plaza have a chance of giving you a Heart Scale. These haunted houses are actually a play area for your Pokemon. You pay an admission fee of 10 FC to send your Pokemon into the haunted houses.

The Pokemon roams around in search of items inside the house and when it emerges on the other side, it may hold one or even more than one items that they then give to their trainer.

One of the items that you may find in the house is the Heart Scale which is one of the rarest items to find.

Ultra Sun and Moon Heart Scales

A Heart Scale in Pokemon USAUM allows your Pokemon to remember a forgotten move or learn a new one. However, do note that this does not include moves learned by Technical Machines. For more information on TMs, you can check out our TMs Locations Guide.

How to Use Heart Scales
After acquiring a Heart Scale, take it and your desired Pokemon to the Move Reminder in the Pokemon Center located on the Mount Lanakila, Ula’ula Island. Once there, you should be able to see a complete list of all available moves.

Heart Scales Farming

First of all, you can farm Heart Scales from Pokemon Luvdisc, which has 50% chance of carrying a Heart Scale. Secondly, you can eat at a restaurant to get one. We will talk about both of them one by one.

Farming Locations – Fishing Luvdisc
Before we begin, you need to have a Pokemon with Compound Eyes ability. This ability increases the chances of a Pokemon you encounter to have an item. Apart from this, you should also have a Pokemon with Thief. This move allows you to damage the opposing Pokemon and have a chance of stealing the opposing Pokemon’s held item. Finally, you need to have False Swipe because it will allow you to leave the opposing Pokemon at 1HP.

On a side note, you can also use Frisk to see if the Pokemon you encountered has a Heart Scale or not.

Coming to actually find Luvdisc, you should be able to find them in the Hano Beach, Vast Poni Canyon, Paniola Town, Brooklet Hill, the Akala Outskirts, and fishing spots in Route 7, 8, 9. Out of these, we recommend Route 9 the most. Moreover, do note that you will also need the Fishing Rod, acquired after the Trial at Brooklet Hill.

After you find a Luvdisc, start with the Pokemon having Compound Eyes. Once done, use the Pokemon with Frisk to see if the encountered Luvdisc has a Heart Scale or not. You also need to make sure that your Pokemon with Thief does not have a held item. Now use the False Swipe to leave the Luvdisc at 1HP and force it to call other Luvdisc for help.

Finally, use the Pokemon with Thief to steal the Heart Scale and continue the process.

Getting Heart Scales Through Pokemon Restaurants
When it comes to restaurants, you can order P500 at Seafolk Village to get a Heart Scale, P1040 at Konikoni City to get two Heart Scales, and P4000 at Malie City to get four Heart Scales. If you find other Pokemon Restaurants, where you get Heart Scales after eating, comment and we will add it up in the guide!

Festival Plaza
Finally, you can send your Pokemon with Pickup ability to the Haunted House and they will, sometimes, come back with Heart Scales.

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