Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Everstone Guide – How to Get

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Everstone Guide to help you learn all about getting Everstone in Pokemon USAUM that prevents Pokemon from evolving.

The Everstone is a very diverse item in the new Pokemon game. However, some people may not know the full potential of what it can do or how to acquire it when they are playing through the game. This Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Everstone Guide will let you know all that you possibly could need to know about the item and the place where you can find it.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Everstones

In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Everstone Guide, we take a look at what is the Everstone and how can you easily acquire it.

How to Get Everstone

Primarily, the job of an Everstone is to prevent a Pokemon from evolving. If a Pokemon in your team holds the Everstone, it will not evolve no matter what its level is. But that is not all that the Everstone offers to you.

It can be used to transfer a particular nature to an offspring which can be very important for competitive players. Natures play a big part in the competitive play as they are used to increase the stats of a Pokemon which in turn affect the amount of damage that a Pokemon can output.

In the old Pokemon games, there was only a half chance of a Pokemon acquiring its nature from its parents. However, now you are able to guarantee your Pokemon having the same nature as its parent if you have the Everstone and the Pokemon is holding it.

Lastly, Everstone also allows you to choose what form a Pokemon will have when it mates. If a Raichu holding an Everstone mates with Alolan Raichu, the offspring will be normal, but it will still change into the Alolan form if it is hatched in Alola.

How to Get Everstone in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

There are multiple ways to get the Everstone in the new pokemon game. The first one is for your Pokemon to pick it up from the Poke Resort. You can also buy it from the Battle Royale Dome for 16 BP.

Lastly, Pokemon such as Graveler, Golem, and Boldore often are already holding the item when captured so you can try to capture as much of them as possible to fortify your chances of acquiring this item.

That is all we have for our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Everstone Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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