Pokemon Sword and Shield Sinistea Form Checking Guide

Learn how to check and differentiate between the different forms of Sinistea in Pokemon Sword and Shield and how their evolutions differ

Sinistea, the new Generation 8 Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is quite an interesting one and will evolve into Polteageist through the use of Cracked Pot or Chipped pot. Sinistea has two unique forms, Phony and Antique. This guide will help you with Pokemon Sword and Shield Sinistea Form Checking so you know which one you got.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Sinistea Form Checking

There are a lot of forgeries out in the world of Galar and the same can be said of tea-based ghost type pokemon.

The majority of Sinistea you find in the Glimwood Tangle are actually forgeries too, that is the cups they reside in are actually forgeries.

These Sinistea are Phony Sinistea. On occasions, authentic work can also be found.

An Antique Sinistea will have a little blue authenticity stamp on the underside of its bottom ridge.

The stamp can only be clearly seen when either pokemon is Dynmaxing or when you select the ‘Motion/Cry’ option in Pokedex.

Another way to distinguish between them is by checking their evolution patterns.

Phony Sinistea will evolve by using a Cracked Pot, whereas an Antique Sinistea will evolve using a Chipped Pot. These pots can be bought or can be found in Stow-on-Side.

Whether you have Phony or Antique, Sinistea has no Stats or move difference, so you don’t have to be concerned if you catch a Phony Sinistea or an Antique Sinistea.

Antique Sinistea is very rare to come across so if you wish to catch one, you have to be patient.

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