Pokemon Sword and Shield Sinistea Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

If you are a tea lover you should get a Sinistea with the help of this Pokemon Sword and Shield Sinistea Locations guide and have a tea pokemon!

Sinistea is a unique Pokemon in Sword and Shield and is very rare to find, mostly it is spotted in the wild. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Sinistea Locations guide we have given the locations where you can find this cute Pokemon along with its evolution; which is a must-see since evolving this type of pokemon is very difficult.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Sinistea Locations

Sinistea is a Ghost Type Pokemon found in Glimwood Tangle Max Raid Battles: Giant’s Mirror, Stony Wilderness, Watchtower Ruins.

Sinistea is known to be created by a lonely spirit when it possessed a cold cup of tea; whoever drank that tea didn’t finish it, as some of it was still remaining at the time of possession.

This teacup is a well-known piece of antique tableware. Since this Pokemon is a Ghost Type, therefore, it is fragile towards a Ghost and Dark Type Pokemon. It has an Egg Group: Mineral / Amorphous, and Sinistea has an overall Base Stat 308 which include:

  • Attack: 45
  • Special Attack: 74
  • Defense: 45
  • Special Defense: 54
  • HP: 40
  • Speed: 50

Sinistea Strengths and Weaknesses
Sinistea’s strength comes from absorbing the life-force of those who drink from it. This strength doesn’t last long since it tastes so horrible that the person drinking it straight up spits out.

The weakness of Sinistea is quite silly. Whenever it gets stirred, it feels weak due to the dizziness.

Sinistea Abilities
Sinistea possesses two unique abilities, a Weak Armor and Cursed Body.

Weak Armor is an ability that allows this Pokemon to increase its speed by two stages when hit by an attack.

The second ability “Cursed Body” is actually a hidden ability of Sinistea. When hit by an attack, this ability has a 30% possibility of disabling that move.

Sinistea Evolution
Evolving this Pokemon is not anybody’s cup of tea! Since Sinistea evolves into Polteageist by using a Chipped or Cracked Pot on it.

The Cracked pot is used for the fake Sinisteas, and the Chipped Pot is used for the genuine ones. However, acquiring both at the same time is a hard task to complete.

Simply head to the Stow-On-Side and go up the ladder near the walkway going towards the Gym Stadium. Once you’ve climbed the ladder, go down the rooftop and in the direction of the alleyway.

There you’ll find the Cracked Pot near the rooftop clutter, resting on the floor.

If you don’t want to waste time exploring, then you can directly buy the Cracked Pot from the bargain merchant in the city.

This guy also sells a Chipped Pot. However, he only sells one item per day so you’ll have to wait till he sells your desired item. It may take a few days to obtain a Chipped pot, so be patient!

Many players try to act smart and quit the game just to fast forward the time to the next day. But this tactic fails to work as this doesn’t seem to reset his stock. Stay calm and keep trying until you get your item.

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