Pokemon Sword and Shield Glimwood Tangle Walkthrough

Glimwood Tangle is the dark mystical area of the map. It is a very gloomy area with mushrooms that act...

Glimwood Tangle is the dark mystical area of the map. It is a very gloomy area with mushrooms that act as a light source. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Glimwood Tangle guide, we have included all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and interactions with other people.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Glimwood Tangle

At the entrance of Glimwood Tangle, there is a path splitting in two directions. Take the path to the left and you will move until you spot Cook Derek, who is hiding in the bushes.

Cook Derek is looking for mushrooms, so it actually makes sense he’s hanging out in the dark woods. You will face off his Shiinotic, Milcery, and Sinistea. Defeat them to go ahead.

After defeating Cook Derek, move south until you come across the Daring Couple Robert and Jacqueline. Now you can take on the two trainers stood throwing balls in the air.

You will face off their Ninetales and Kirlia Pokemons in a dual battle. Defeat them by attacking Ninetales with water attacks and Kirlia with bug or poison. (This fight is optional).

After defeating them, take the path on the left and go up. Here you will face off the last trainer in the area which is Madame Judy. She will release two Indeedees. Defeat them by using a Pokemon with Bug or dark moves.

These will be all the encounters in Glimwood Tangle.

Wild Pokemons
Following wild Pokemons can be found around Glimwood Tangle. These are found in the long grass in the area.

Pokemon Rarity
Morgrem 20%
Shiinotic 20%
Sinistea 10%
Hattrem 20%
Phantump 10%
Swirlix 10%
Spritzee 10%
Ponyta 4%
Indeedee 5%
Impidimp n/a

Pokemon here like to keep in the shadows of the tall grass except for Impidimp, which will gather around mushrooms. To catch these pokemon, keep searching the tall grass.

Items and their locations

Here we have listed all the items that can be found in Glimwood Tangle and their location:

Full Heal: Upper right corner from the entrance of Glimwood Tangle.

Bright Powder: After defeating Cook, walk along the path until you reach the bag of Bright Powder.

Big Root: From the full heal spot, go around and look under a fallen tree stump.

TM24 Snore: On the left after crossing the daring couple.

Hyper Potions: Present at the northwest of glowing mushroom in the center.

Luminous Moss: Present near the mushroom before the ledge.

TM-56 U-turn: To find this, cross the pitch-black curve and check the ground under a mushroom

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