Pokemon Sword and Shield Route 10 Walkthrough

Continue your journey to being the Galar champion and cross Route 10 with our Pokemon Sword and Shield guide on your way to Wyndon

Your pokemon filled adventure will take you to Route 10 and that in turn has brought you to our Pokemon Sword and Shield Route 10 guide as here we have discussed the whole walkthrough of this route along with the collectibles you can find here, the appearance rate of wild pokemon and how you can make your way to the Champion Gym Challenge which is in Wyndon Gym.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Route 10

When you have completed Hammerlocke Gym and gotten hold of the 8th and last badge, you can head back to Wyndon using the train station but before you get there you have to pass through a route.

When you get out of the Route 10 train station, go left right away and you will come across two hidden X attacks. Then you have to go right and find a Max Revive when you go through the tall grass. You will also find Galarian Mr. Mimes there.

When you keep moving forward, your next battle will be with Doctor Graham and his Gardevoir. You can use a Poison, Ghost or Steel type pokemon as the Gardevoir is weak to those.

Go to the top and you will see a hiker there. He is also a trainer and you can avoid him but it’s always fun to have a little sparring going on. You can use a water pokemon against his Steelix and Mudsdale.

When you move forward you will come to a junction in Route 10, the best option here is to go right because she left… Uh scratch that. You need to go right because there is only a trainer’s tips sign and a large Abomasnow on the left which is just not worth it.

Moving forward you will see another junction as this time there is a trainer on both sides, so will go to the right side first where you will also find a Comet Shard near a rock. However, on the right, you will come across Office Worked Ronald and his Weavile and Claydol, who are both vulnerable to Bug attacks.

On the same side, you have to fight Postman Harper who has his Pelipper and Noctowl, which you can defeat, using Electric moves.

If you wish to fight all the trainers, you can go back around the giant rock and go on the other side to fight Cabbie Geoffrey.

You will have to fight Corviknight who is weak to Electric attacks because it is a Flying-type and the other pokemon you fight would be Flygon, who is a Ground and Dragon-type and is vulnerable to Ice type.

Then you need to walk along the long patch of grass and at its end, there is a separate path going south which will take you to a Power Herb at the end and you will also find a hidden bottle of PP Up which is to the right of the campsite.

You will find more Pokemon trainers ahead. There would be Hiker Donald who will come with his Gigalith and Rhydon which you can take out with Water attacks.

The other one would be Gentleman Glenn who will have three Pokemon. This includes a Glarian Darmanitan which is an Ice-type which you can take down with Fire attacks, a Falinks and a Grapploct which you can take down using Flying, Psychic, and Fairy attacks.

At the end, you will have a double battle with Interviewers Gillian and Cam. They will bring along a Heliolisk, a Klinkklang, and a Togedemaru which are all vulnerable to Fighting. The other pokemon that they will have is a Noivern which you can take out using Ice attacks.

After that, you can move towards the top to see a mesmerizing view of the next town. So now you can leave Route 10 and head to Wyndon.

Pokemon Locations

The Pokemon found in Route 10 that are not mentioned above are:

Name Mr. Mime (Galarian) Snover Cubchoo Sneasel Duraludon Glalie Vaniluxe
Area Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass
Rarity 35% 30% 20% 14% 1% 10% 10%
Name Vanillish Abomasnow Beartic Snom Galarian Darumaka Eiscue Stonjourner Rhydon Klang
Area Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow
Rarity 30% 28% 25% 10% 5% 2% 2% 25% 30%
Exclusive  Sword Sword Shield

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