Pokemon Sword and Shield Route 1 Walkthrough

Once you get started on your Pokemon journey, Route 1 will be one of your first visits in Pokemon Sword and Shield so check out our walkthrough

In this guide, we will be discussing your adventure through Route 1 of Sword and Shield. Our Pokemon Sword and Shield Route 1 walkthrough will focus on what hidden collectibles you can find here, along with which pokemon you can find here and how to make your way towards the Grass Badge.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Route 1

When you go to Route 1, the first time it would be very underwhelming, the reason for that would be the unavailability of any Pokemon on your person and you wouldn’t even be able to run through the tall grass.

But this time that has changed and you have your starter pokemon with you and this time you will be going there through Slumbering Weald and this time Hop will also not stop you from going anywhere you like but a herd of Wooloo will be a hindrance.

The herd of Wooloo has formed a blockade and they will make you go right. Pokemon will pop out of the grass.

The difference in Sword and Shield is that the Pokemon will appear in the overworld and it is your choice if you want to interact with them or not. Some random exclamation marks will also appear and you can choose to avoid these even.

There is a potion between the two patches of grass, keep in mind that you have to grab it. Keep going straight and inside the third patch of grass is Two Paralyze heals. Pick that up.

Also remember that you have to catch Pokemon. Use the five Poke balls you have and fight the Pokemon there and bring their health down, once their health is down you can throw your Poke Ball and catch them.

The lower their health is the better chance you have of catching them.

After you have ventured through the fourth and last patch of grass, head across the quaint bridge and move towards the town of Wedgehurst.

The Pokemon you can find here are:


  • Type: Normal
  • Rarity: 50%

This is a new Pokemon added to the franchise and is part of the Galar region lineup

  • Type: Flying
  • Rarity: 30%


  • Type: Normal
  • Rarity: 15%


  • Type: Dark
  • Rarity: 5%


  • Type: Bug
  • Rarity: 30%


  • Type: Bug
  • Rarity: 15%
  • Can evolve into Metapod at level 7 and then Butterfree at level 10


  • Type: Bug
  • Rarity: 10%


  • Type: Normal/Flying
  • Rarity: 5%

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