Pokemon Sword and Shield Wedgehurst Walkthrough

Have some people been mistreating you by blocking doors for you? You have finally reached the town of Wedgehurst! Well don’t you worry! The town of Wedgehurst is quite a beautiful place, but to change the people’s attitude towards you, we have the perfect Pokemon Sword and Shield Wedgehurst walkthrough.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Wedgehurst

The first thing you gotta do is to head towards the building with the Purple Roof. Before heading towards anywhere, you must know that there are NO TRAINERS TO BATTLE or Pokemon to acquire in the area of the Wedgehurst.

The purple roof! Here you will find Leon waiting for you, and the building is none other than the Pokemon Research Lab. Go inside and you will meet the Professor’s Assistant Sonia here.

In there, you will be given the Pokedex. A Pokedex is a really handy tool that documents and keeps a detailed account of all the Pokemon you have encountered and caught in the Galar region.

Besides, you can also use the Pokedex to determine the locations and habitats of a Pokemon!

Next in this area of Wedgehurst, you should get going to the Train Station on the left.

Inside that blocked-up train station, you will find a Poke Mart. A poke mart is a place where you can buy items such as:

  • Potion
  • Antidote
  • Burn Heal
  • Ice Heal
  • Awakening
  • Paralyze Heal

All these items affect the health and status of your Pokemon.

Now before buying anything, it is better to head to the center of the town where Hop is going to brief you more about all the Pokemon Centers and Universal Health Centers.

At these centers, you can either buy stuff to increase the rank and status of your Pokemon or you can recover their health.

Another key resemblance about the Pokemon Centers and the Poke Mart is that all of these features the same prices and sell the same items.

Besides, the items at these stores actually depend upon your Status and Level. Higher your status, better and more expensive things you can buy.

So once you get out of this Pokemon Center, a girl will be waiting for you and will ask you your birthday in order to tell you a fortune.

Without any game-changing abilities, the girl just gives a simple introduction to your fortune and you can move on.

Same as above, the whole town of the Wedgehurst is quite mysterious and is full of various stores and vendors ready to tell you amazing stuff.

Like if you go to the straight and then turn left from this location of the Pokemon Center, you will find a Berry Shop.

You can buy berries from the shop and it will give your Pokemon some special effects during the combat. For example, healing and curing the paralysis on its own!

You will find three types of berries, but don’t get confused here as none of them grants specific behaviors or powers.

Similarly, if you explore more, you will also find Poke Doll and a Boutique. The Poke Doll is hiding out there in a corner, situated in the left-most corner of the Boutique.

The Boutique offers a wide variety of clothing items to purchase, but if you don’t control yourself there, you might get broke in a few minutes.

So go ahead and explore the beautiful area of the Wedgehurst, and after going through all the above-mentioned steps, you will want to head towards the exit of the town towards the North and go across the bridge to get to Route 2.

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