Pokemon Sword and Shield Chewtle Locations, Evolutions and How to Catch

With the help of our Pokemon Sword and Shield Chewtle Locations guide, you can add this cute turtle pokemon to your party and watch it grow

So Pokemon sword and shield have a huge array of Pokemon and it is easier to evolve them as well with the new game mechanics. But there is still some difficulty in finding a true solid Water Pokemon early in the game. So, here is our Pokemon Sword and Shield Chewtle Locations guide to help you.

Chewtle will be found very early in the game and it is strong Pokemon even though it seems adorable and small. But it’s evolution makes it even stronger and here we have the detail on its base stats and how to find it catch and evolve it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Chewtle Locations

So Chewtle is a simple small pokemon with just one attack, water gun. It is found in the Galar Region at some places of fishing in Route 2, 4, 5 or at Motostoke Outskirts, Motostoke Fishing, Town of Hulbury Fishing and at Galar Mine No. 2.

  • It is a water-type Pokemon with a shell armor to protect it from critical hits.
  • It also has strong jaws and has good biting power.
  • It can highly boost its speed stats while in water with Swift Swim.

Chewtle Base Stats

HP 50
Atk 64
Def 50
Sp.Atk 38
Sp.Def 38
Speed 44
Total 284

Chewtle Moves and Skills

Level Move Type Power Acc. PP
Base Water Gun Water 40 100 25
Base Tackle Normal 40 100 35
1 Tackle Normal 40 100 35
1 Water Gun Water 40 100 25
7 Bite Dark 60 100 25
14 Protect Normal 10
21 Headbutt Normal 70 100 15
28 Counter Fighting 100 20
35 Jaw Lock Dark
42 Liquidation Water 85 100 10
49 Body Slam Normal 85 100 15

Evolve Chewtle into Drednaw
So Chewtle is classified as the Snapping Pokemon and it is like a turtle. And as we have mentioned it doesn’t know any fighting moves other than its water gun, but after evolution, it will get much more badass and bigger as well.

Evolution of Chewtle is not a difficult task though, as you only have to get to a level 22 and it will evolve itself. Get a Chewtle from the regions mentioned above, where it is found and then train it until level 22 to evolve it into a Drednaw.

Drednaw is a new addition to Pokemon Sword and Shield and after evolution, it gets so many upgrades in size and power and it also becomes a rock type Pokemon as well.


  • It is Water and Rock-type Pokemon.
  • It has all the above-mentioned abilities of Chewtle plus some rock attacks as well.
  • It learns a new Rock tomb attack after evolution.