Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Pokemon for Max Raid Battles

Can't figure out who to take to Max Raid Battles? Don't worry we have you covered with our Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Pokemon For Max Raid Battles guide

Max Raid Battles are one of the toughest encounters in Sword and Shield and a proper test to see how good of a trainer you are. Whether you are with other players or NPCs, you have to have the best Pokemon team for these raid battles and know how to use it effectively. Allow us to suggest Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Pokemon For Max Raid Battles.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Pokemon for Max Raid Battles

No matter how experienced you are with your favorite Pokemon, Dynamax Pokemon, who are your hardest opponent in the Max Raid Battles, can be easily defeated using the legendary Pokemon Eternatus.

Eternatus is a dual-type Poison & Dragon Pokemon, which gets really deadly when leveled up to 100 Level.

As in Max Raid Battles, the opponents get really hard, Eternatus is the only hope to defeat them. However, you do need to level up Eternatus to level 100 before you move on towards Max Raid Battles.

Once the Eternatus reach level 100, it gets highly deadly for it unlocks the Dynamax Cannon ability.

An extremely powerful move, Dynamax Cannon allows Eternatus to double the damage being delivered to the opponent. It makes the fight much fast and easier for you.

This move of the Eternatus is open against Dynamax or Gigantamax form of opponents. However, you might need to increase the power of the damage by buying Choice Specs, which can be bought near the stage in Spikemuth Stadium. The Choice Specs can increase the power of Dynamax Cannon from 5PP to 7 or 8 PP!

Recommended Strategy of Using Eternatus & Max Raid Battles
First of all, as described, upgrading your Eternatus to 100 Level is a must. Secondly, the Choice Specs.

Once you have grabbed the recommended stats, you are halfway through. The only remaining part is to use your powers wisely and choose the nature of your Pokemon wisely. The best natures for Eternatus are Modest and Timid.

Eternatus is a Dragon-type Pokemon, but you might face a little trouble while battling against other Dragon-types of higher stats. Don’t you worry, we have the strategy for that too.

The best way out in such circumstances is to use Zacian or Zamanzeta! The only substitute for Eternatus, against the Dragon-types, are these two legendary Pokemon.

They have these deadly moves called ‘Behemoth Blade’ and ‘Behemoth Bash’.  These moves have the same powers as of Dynamax Cannon- Dealing double damage to the Dynamaxed opponents.

For both of these Pokemon, it is recommended to level them up to 100 level first.

Secondly, the Zachian’s nature should be set to Adamant or Jolly, while Zamazenta’s nature should be set to Impish or Careful during the battle against harder opponents.

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