Pokemon Sword and Shield Dynamax Pokemon Guide

Dynamax makes a return in Sword and Shield. Our full Pokemon Sword and Shield Dynamax Pokemon guide will go through all the features of this gameplay mechanic for those confused or unfamiliar with the concept of Dynamaxing. Dynamax is similar to Mega Evolution and Gigantamax in that it is a temporary change.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Dynamax Pokemon

Pokémon that Dynamax will stay transformed for only three turns. In that time, you can overpower your opponent’s Pokemon and utilize special moves called Max Moves. This will be activated only in certain areas as Gym battles, Max Raid battles and online battles.

All Pokemon in Sword & Shield can use Dynamax while only a certain few can Gigantamax so that is one big difference to keep in mind between the two.

How to get Dynamax Pokemon
During your playthrough of Sword and Shield, your trainer will receive a Dynamax Band. Only trainers who possess a Dynamax Band are able to Dynamax their Pokemon.

How to Increase Dynamax Level
Each Pokemon has a Dynamax level that can be increased with Dynamax Candy. Each time the level is increased, the Pokemon’s HP will increase by five percent. This item can be earned in Max Raid Battles. This candy HP boost is given as:

Dynamax Level Hit Point Boost
Level 0 *1.5
Level 1 *1.55
Level 2 *1.6
Level 3 *1.65
Level 4 *1.7
Level 5 *1.75
Level 6 *1.8
Level 7 *1.85
Level 8 *1.9
Level 9 *1.95
Level 10 *2

Max Moves
When a Pokemon is in their Dynamax form, its moves turn into special Max Moves. Max Moves are determined by what kind and types of moves the Pokemon knew before Dynamaxing. Some Max Moves can trigger additional effects. Each Pokemon has a different set of moves in Dynamax form.

There are always 4 moves, but you can have multiples of the same. Make sure to check the information on the move to ensure you’re using the strongest version. Here is the full list of Max Moves and their associated effects:

  • Max Flare (Fire) – Sunny Day for five turns
  • Max Flutterby (Bug) – Lowers target’s Special Attack
  • Max Strike (Normal) – Lowers target’s Speed
  • Max Lightning (Electric) – Electric Terrain for five turns
  • Max Knuckle (Fighting) – Increases Attack
  • Max Phantasm (Ghost) – Lowers target’s Defense
  • Max Ooze (Poison) – Increases Special Attack
  • Max Hailstorm (Ice) – Hail for five turns
  • Max Geyser (Water) – Rainy Day for five turns
  • Max Airstream (Flying) – Increases Speed
  • Max Wymwind (Dragon) – Lowers target’s Attack
  • Max Starfall (Fairy) – Misty Terrain for five turns
  • Max Mindstorm (Psychic) – Psychic Terrain for five turns
  • Max Rockfall (Rock) – Sandstorm for five turns
  • Max Quake (Ground) – Increases Special Defense
  • Max Darkness (Dark) – Lowers target’s Special Defense
  • Max Overgrowth (Grass) – Grassy Terrain for five turns
  • Max Steelspike (Steel) – Increases Defense
  • Max Guard (Normal) – Protects against other Max Moves

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