How To Get Ribbons In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

In this guide, you will get to know about what Ribbons are and how to get them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Ribbons are like badges that a Pokemon trainer can earn for reaching certain milestones or obtaining certain achievements in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They have been returning in every installment since Generation 3, albeit with a few changes every time.

In Pokemon SV, Ribbons are tied to Marks and are ways to bestow titles and customize your Pokemon before sending them out in battles. This is how you tell the world (or your opponent) about your achievements or honors.

This guide will discuss all kinds of Ribbons and how to get them so you can apply them to your Pokemon to give it a unique look.

What are Ribbons?

Ribbons are a unique signifier given to Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet after they do some particular tasks in the game. The tasks are like defeating the Elite four and the champion and then getting inducted into the Hall of fame.

All the Ribbons in Pokemon SV are the same as those in previous Pokemon generations except for two, the new addition. Ribbons can be attached to any Pokemon to give them a specific title as they go to some battle. 

How to get all Ribbons and Titles

Ribbons can be seen from the Pokemon Summary. Click on “Check Summary.” Once the Status Summary menu is open, scroll right twice to open the memories.

From here, if the Pokemon has a Ribbon, it can be equipped by pressing “A“; otherwise, it will show that the Pokemon currently has no Ribbons.

There are a total of 115 Ribbons in Pokemon SV, and a few of them are as follows.

NameHow To GetTitle
Paldea Champion RibbonNeed to win the Academy Ace TournamentThe Paldea Champion
Once in a Lifetime RibbonRandomly awarded during a Surprise exchangeThe One in a Million
Master Rank RibbonNeed to defeat a trainer in a Ranked Battle in the Master Ball TierThe Rank Master
Effort RibbonNeed to show the Max level of effort values to the girl in LevinciaThe Once Well trained
Best Friends RibbonNeed to show a Pokemon with Max level of friendship to the girl in CascarrafaThe Great Friend
Classic RibbonEvent PokemonThe Pokemon Fan
Premier RibbonEvent PokemonThe Celebratory
Event RibbonEvent PokemonThe Festive
Birthday RibbonEvent PokemonThe Best Buddy
Special RibbonEvent PokemonThe Premium
Souvenir RibbonEvent PokemonThe Cherished
Wishing RibbonEvent PokemonThe Wish Granter
Hisui RibbonNeed to transfer a Pokemon that has used the Photo Studio in Pokemon Arceus into Pokemon SVOf the Distant Past
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