How To Catch Iron Jugulis In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Iron Jugulis is a paradox pokemon with extremely powerful ability set. It's a must have in your arsenal. Here's how to find and catch it.

Iron Jugulis is one of the Paradox Pokemon introduced in Pokemon SV. That means the Pokemon has no evolutions. It belongs to the Undiscovered Egg Group and hails as a dark flying-type Pokemon in the game.

Iron Jugulis may not have any evolution, but it still has incredibly powerful abilities to use on the battlefield. The following guide will tell you where to find and catch Iron Jugulis in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Iron Jugulis location in Pokemon SV

There are a couple of Pokemon Violet locations where you can find Iron Jugulis. This Pokemon is a bit futuristic and, thus, does not spawn in Scarlet. The Scarlet version is known to contain the ancient Paradox Pokemon.

The first location is the caves in Area Zero , and the second is the Research Station 4 cave. An important thing to keep in mind is that Area Zero is only accessible after you have cleared your way through all three storylines.  

How to catch an Iron Jugulis

Locating Iron Jugulis is not difficult, but catching this Flying-type Pokemon is, as it takes up a lot of time. It is a dangerous and highly aggressive Pokemon to encounter in the game. You might want to be prepared beforehand by doing a couple of things.

Have an Ultra Ball in hand because you will probably not be able to catch it on your first or even second attempt. Iron Jugulis loves to put up a fight, and you will likely find success on your third or fourth attempt.

The best way to catch an Iron Jugulis is to battle it using an evolved Tinkatink. Decrease its health enough and then throw the Ultra Ball to catch it.

Best Nature and Tera Types for Iron Jugulis

The best nature you can opt for Iron Jugulis is the Modest nature if you choose to go for a build focused on the special attack. For a speed-focused build, we would recommend going for the Timid Nature. 

The best Tera type you can go for is the Flying Tera Type. You can also choose to cover any of the weaknesses. It is weak against the following:

  • Electric 
  • Ice 
  • Rock 
  • Fairy 

Iron Jugulis Stats in Pokemon SV

The following are the base stats of an Iron Jugulis in Pokemon SV.

  • HP: 94
  • Attack: 80
  • Defense: 86
  • Special Attack: 122
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed: 108
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