Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Paradox Pokemon Locations

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet came with a brand-new experience that evolved all “original” Pokémon to something more amazing. You can see the reflection of all the original Pokémon in them. There are many rare ones in the game, but where to find them is a bugging question.

In simplification, paradox means something that looks like something but is not it. Paradox Pokémon are both ancient and futuristic, and they are all genderless, can’t evolve, and have different abilities. Chronologically speaking, scarlet Pokémon are ancient, and violet Pokémon are futuristic.

But the trick is that Pokémon Scarlet has its collection, and Pokémon Violet has its own. Collecting all Pokémon from both Scarlet and Violet will give a rest to your OCD.

It is easy to find all the Pokémon when you have scouted every hidden cave, secret passage, and time in Pokémon SV. But for new players, we have prepared this guide to locate them easily, but you still need to level up to get them.

How to get all Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet

Brute Bonnet

Type: Grass/Dark
Location: They are commonly found in Area Zero.

Flutter Mane

Type: Ghost/Fairy
Location: Found commonly at night near Area Zero, near the research station cave, and underground biome.

Great Tusk

Type: Ground/Fighting
Location: Commonly found in Area Zero (The Great Crater of Paldea), but you can also find them in the Asado Desert but need to have cleared the game’s main story.

Roaring Moon

Type: Dragon/Dark
Location: Rare occurrence near Area Zero (The Great Crater of Paldea) and only appears at the biome after completing the main story.

Sandy Shocks

Type: Electric/Ground
Location: It occurs on and off in Area Zero (The Great Crater of Paldea) just after completing the main story.

Scream Tail

Type: Fairy/Psychic
Location: Commonly found near Pokémon center in South Province (Area Two) and Area Zero (The Great Crater of Paldea).

Slither Wing

Type: Bug/Fighting
Location: After completing the main story, it appears in Area Zero and Grass biome.

How to get all Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Violet

Iron Bundle

Type: Ice/Water
Location: Easily found at Area Zero (The Great Crater of Paldea) near Research Station 4.

Iron Hands

Type: Fighting/Electric
Location: Found commonly on the cliff’s rocks near Research Station 3 after completing the post-game tasks.

Iron Jugulis

Type: Dark/Flying
Location: It appears at night near Research Station 4 and the Hidden Cave near Research Station 3 in Area Zero.

Iron Moth

Type: Fire/Poison
Location: Appears in Area Zero (The Great Crater of Paldea) near Research Station 1.

Iron Thorns

Type: Rock/Electric
Location: Found near the cliff’s rocks at Research Stations 1, 2, and 3. Occurrences become common after completing the main story.

Iron Treads

Type: Ground/Steel
Location: Found near the planes of Area Zero and inside the cave of Research Station 4. 

Iron Valiant

Type: Fighting/Fairy
Location: Near the big tree in planes of Research Stations 2 and 3, the hidden cave with the left side entrance will lead the way inside the cave. 

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