Pokemon SV Mass Outbreaks Guide

Similar to Max Raid Battles from Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon SV has Mass Outbreaks dynamic events all across the...

Similar to Max Raid Battles from Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon SV has Mass Outbreaks dynamic events all across the Paldea region that have a high number of specific Pokemon spawns for a set duration of time.

Wondering where might you find these Mass Outbreaks and how to reset them in Pokemon SV? Read on to find out.

What are mass outbreaks?

Mass Outbreaks are large gatherings of the same kind of Pokemon at a specific location in Paldea. These outbreaks start every day and last until midnight before the type of Pokemon and their location change.

Players will come across hundreds of the same Pokemon in an outbreak that must be defeated to clear the outbreak. Each time a player defeats around 20-30 Pokemon, a notification will appear, updating the players about the size of the gathering decreasing.

How to find and reset mass outbreaks

Mass Outbreaks are not actually a new feature and were first introduced in the second generation of Pokemon and have since been carried forward, making their way into the most recent iteration of the game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Mass Outbreaks are means to catch specific Pokemon and also increase your odds of finding Shiny Pokemon.

Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are quite easy to spot. In order to find Mass Outbreaks, simply open up your Map.

On the map, you’ll notice the Pokemon Icons glowing red. These icons indicate that a Pokemon Mass Outbreak is occurring in the indicated region.

However, if you have not yet caught a specific Pokemon and its Mass Outbreak is occurring, it will be indicated by a ‘?’ symbol glowing red.

How to reset Mass Outbreaks

Who doesn’t want a Shiny Pokemon? In order to increase your odds of catching Shiny Pokemon you’ll want to have Mass Outbreaks more often.

However, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Mass Outbreaks reset on daily basis. This means that once an outbreak has ended, you must wait until the next day to respawn it.

If you’re not the patient one and can’t wait until the next day, we have got just the trick for you.

In order to reset the Mass Outbreaks, all you need is to change the date to the next day. Doing so, the game will treat it to as the next day and the Mass Outbreaks will respawn in different areas.

Here’s how to change the date on your Nintendo Switch.

First off, exit the game and head over to the System Setting. There, scroll all the way down to the System option.

Select the Date and Time option from the sub-menu. You can change the date by selecting the second option in the next menu. Changing the date to the next day will reset and respawn all Mass Outbreaks.

How to shiny hunt at mass outbreaks

Firstly, players must wait for the right outbreak to start since they’re random and can spawn any Pokemon. Once you’ve come across the right outbreak, players should save their game since it will save the current state of the outbreak, allowing you to restart in case you mess up.

Upon reaching this outbreak’s location, do not alarm any of the Pokemon nearby and identify the Shining Pokemon first. This Pokemon will have glitter or shine around it. However, suppose you’re unable to spot a shining Pokemon. In that case, you can fast-travel to the Jubilife Village and travel back to the outbreak to see if anything has changed.

Try this a few times until you come across the shining Pokemon. At this point, save your game again and start your battle against it. However, be careful since while you’re battling the shining Pokemon, its companions will attempt to gang up on the player from time to time.

Once the battle has ended, you’ll have acquired your brand-new shiny Pokemon!

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