Pokemon SV Cortondo Gym Guide: How To Defeat Katy

Cortondo is a Bug-type Gym in Pokemon SV that you will find after crossing Area 2 of South Province. Katy is the Gym leader here and should be pretty easy to defeat in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

She will use three bug-type Pokemon in the battle, but before that, you must register yourself as a Challenger. After that, you have to complete the Olive Roll test first, and after that, you can face Katy and earn the Gym badge.

We have prepared this guide to cover everything you need to know about Cortondo Gym, the challenge you must complete here, and defeating Katy in Pokemon SV.

Cortondo gym challenge

After arriving at the Gym and talking to the receptionist, you will get a challenge called the Olive Roll. You can find it in the north of the town.

You can use the map app to get there. Once you reach the location, start the test in which you have to roll the Olive and put it in a basket.

While pushing the Olive and heading towards the basket, you can also encounter some Gym trainers. But you can also bypass them if you don’t want to face them.

Like right after you start to push, you will encounter Gym Trainer Esmeralda. You can face and defeat her to move quickly towards the destination or take a left to avoid getting into a fight with her.

If you defeat her, the path ahead gets unlocked, and you can continue to roll Olive forward. Right after crossing the hump, you have to turn left, and again, you can face a Gym Trainer.

If you don’t want to face him, take the longer path to reach the goal. But if you face and defeat Antonio, you can take the shortcut path behind him to get to the basket.

After the Olive Roll test is completed, you can face the Gym Leader Katy and defeat her bug-type Pokemon to earn the rewards and Gym badge.

How to defeat Katy in Pokemon SV

Katy is a bug-type Gym Leader, so all her Pokemon are also bug-type. Therefore, you will face her three Pokemon, which are pretty easy to beat.

  • Nymble, Bug-type
  • Tarountula, Bug-type
  • Teddiursa, Bug & Normal-type

Her first two Pokemon, Nymble and Tarountula, will go down in a single hit. So you have to ensure you have a type advantage over them.

You can choose any Fire, Flying, and Rock type Pokemon for type advantage. However, you will only have some battles with the Teddiursa, the final Pokemon of Gym Leader Katy.

But defeating Teddiursa is relatively easy as well. First, you must be patient and wait for Katy to Terastallizes the Teddiursa. Tera Teddiursa is also a normal-type Pokemon, but it turns into a Bug-type Pokemon when Katy Terastallizes it.

Once that happens, you can use your Fire, Rock, or Flying-type Pokemon to take it out and win the battle.

Katy is a low level Gym Leader, so defeating her is not that difficult, but as you move forward, the fights get tough.

Katy counters

As we already know, Katy uses the following Bug-type Pokemon:

  • Nymble – Bug
  • Tarountula – Bug
  • Teddiursa –  Bug & Normal

So to counter her Pokemon, we recommend you use the following Fire, Flying, and Rock type Pokemon.

  • Starly – Flying & Normal
  • Fuecoco – Fire
  • Fletchling – Flying
  • Bonsly – Rock
  • Azurill – Fairy & Normal

Cortondo Gym rewards

You will get the following rewards for defeating Katy in Pokemon SV.

  • Cortondo Gym Badge
  • TM021 – Pounce
  • 2,700 Pokedollars

TM Pounce is a bug-type move that offers 100 accuracy and 50 power. Therefore, it is a decisive move that you can use against a Pokemon that is weak against bug-type moves

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